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05 Feb 2009 19:54:

With currency companies like GCEN and 4X you will not be charged in your Spanish bank - the UK bank charges for CHAPS payments to the currency company - £25.

Thread: GBP v EURO.

05 Feb 2009 13:34:

I bought from 4X on monday - and whte money was in my bancaja a/c on wednesday. Only charge was from my English bank - Chaps payment of £25.00 and i think that is standard with all companies.

Thread: GBP v EURO.

04 Feb 2009 18:09:

I have used them. You still have to pay the chaps payment  of £25 [I am with First direct] from the English bank to the currency company. GCEN are very good but their rates are  lower than 4X - eg I changed 25000 this week for 1.119 at 4X whereas GCEN were quoting 1.1020. On large sums these differences are worth considering. However, I would also use GCEN again as they are also pretty efficient.

Thread: GBP v EURO.

04 Feb 2009 16:54:

I think the pattern varies a lot. With IKEA, even at €1.12 to £ the prices are fairly similar to the UK and mostly affordable. We have also seen many shops near to us in Vera/Mojacar area with lots of varied furniture at good prices plus a fair amount on sale/offer, etc. I think it's a bit like food - if you isnist on the British version of everything you will often pay more - but if you are a bit more flexible quite a lot of things are cheaper than the UK. I would agree that electricals are more expensive right now due to the ex rate.

Thread: What is the most cost effective way for moving your furniture to Spain from the UK.

04 Feb 2009 15:30:

Yes - it is a useful site - you can trade on-line and they rae very quick and reliable.

Thread: Sterling accounts in Spanish banks


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