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02 Jun 2017 8:30 PM:

Whats La Union like, seen a property at a good price, i know the surrounding area but not La Union its self, is there many xpats in the town, bars & restaurants

Thread: La Union Whats it like

28 May 2017 8:00 PM:

Brexit or what ever your name is this week, for someone  with only 40 odd post you seen to have a lot say about nothing, so unless you have a property which is probably a No don't bother posting rubbish, like it says inbox me, but in your case don't bother.


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Thread: Long Term Rent San Javier Aera

27 May 2017 11:23 PM:

Hi im looking for a long term rental from mid June min 6 months for 2 people no pets, non smokers. you wont have any payment problems As near to the coast as possible & most golf resorts considered. Pease inbox me.No AGENTS THANKS

Thread: Long Term Rent San Javier Aera

02 May 2017 8:04 PM:

Thanks for the insight Johnzx very helpful.

Thread: Irish Passport

02 May 2017 7:29 PM:

I would try and get the Irish passport before I buy a property, trying to fore see any future problems, like you bought the property with a  British passport, now you have a Irish one  ? who knows what terms and conditions the EU might impose on British home owners in the EU.

Thread: Irish Passport


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