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19 Jan 2010 18:06:

Dear Nicolaraho,

I just seen you post. I have over 15yrs experience in property & I trained with one of Irelands leading Estate agents Gunne.

I would be able to take good quality photos for you, no problem I am based in La Zenia so I could tavel to you.

I will be back in Spain on the 2nd of February if this is not too late for you. I am just finishing a stay with my ill mohter in law at the minute.

my e-mail is rachelcorbally@hotmail.com if you want to e-mail me I can send you some sample pictures I took for apartments I designed & built.

Many Thanks

Rachel Corbally

RC Property.

Thread: professional photos needed for holiday rental website Mar Menor 2

19 Jan 2010 00:00:

Hi all been on here before have finally got a moving date to arrive in La Zenia!!! we are coming down there on February 1st 2010 & what Im wondering is, I am a TEFL qualified English teacher is there any work at the moment for an English teacher??

Also I am aware of the Mar Azul school & some of the posts on it can anyone update me as to the satus of the school?? also if anyone can give me the names of any other schools in the area I would be so grateful


Cheers Guys


Thread: Jobs in teaching Torrevieja

22 Aug 2009 12:25:

hi Claire,

will agree with you on his voice I had trouble sleeping lately (the stresses of moving) & he put me right off to sleep, if subliminal learning works I should be fluent in no time lol!!!

my tip for learning from him is to be wide awake lol & sit at the kitchen table, or driving, or while ironing, you will be shocked at how quick it sinks in!!

thanks for mentioning the free lessons will definitly be taking those when we get there!! We had a veiwer for our house who wants to come back for second veiwing & guess what she actually is "loan approved"!!!! so fingers crossed we will be in Spain soon!!

cheers guys


Thread: moving in November but dont know where to !

21 Aug 2009 19:27:

hey there,


Im trying to move over to Costa Blanca myself we have our house up for sale but it looks like were gonna have to rent it while we wait for it to sell :-(

I cant really give you much advice on where to live im leaning towards Villamartin or Playa Flamenca. Where are you thinking of in Spain?

I can help you with the language thing though Michael Thomas is brilliant Iv started using him only last week but I can now shop or ask a question, get directions, & express basic things like, I need, I want, I am etc...

I have learned Italian with him before & his method really works! As for schools I was thinking about bringing my 14yrs old daughter but to be honest our system of education is so internationally revered its her pass to any college in the world so we decided she would stay with her dad till she finishes. We found the "international" or "english" schools expensive (as education is free in Ireland) & there is about 3 subjects my daughter wouldnt have.

The Spanish school system is from what iv heard is very good & if the children are young enough they will adapt  to the language very well. When my daughter was considering coming with us we had decided on El Limonar near Villamartin. there is another one called Mar Azul but its been declaired not legal & ordered to close down so be careful which one you choose if it hadnt been for this forum we wouldnt have know this.

we are in the same position my partner is an electrical engineer & hasnt had a job here in Ireland for the last 8 months so we figure may as well be un-employed over in the sun rather than here in the wet!! lol Irelands economy has really crashed!!

I hope my limited bit of information helps & best of luck with the move :-)


Thread: moving in November but dont know where to !

17 Aug 2009 12:00:

Hi all


well said goodstich44!!!!!  I would like to say jack50 is correct smokers do pay a high price "tax" as he calls it (which is on alcohol too) the problem is they also pay a high tax on their health & I have no problem with either, but I do have a problem when they expect my "taxes" to pay for their poor health & problems & when their smoking affects my Asthema (which I did nothing to bring on) also the 2 reasons why the high tax on smoking is bang on right, is because (a) its designed to be an insentive to quit & (b) most importantly its funds the governements health care, so the extra costs smokers incure upon it are not always met by non-smoking tax payers.

I agree with him on the alcohol but as you say goodstich44 me having a half bottle of vino in the pub is not affecting a smokers health but they are affecting mine. its simple if you choose to do something you know is killing, you why would you do it to an innocent stranger, who has the misfortune of sitting next to you?? 

On the drink driving front I cant see why you would do it in Spain you wouldnt Dream of doing it in Ireland or the UK but you do in your adopted country those people show a lack of respect!! banning drink is not the answer most of us go through life drinking responsibly doing no harm to others but every cigarette thats smoked takes time off a smokers life but it shouldnt be taking it off mine!!

Cheer Guys!

Thread: Smoking ban in Spain


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