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29 Jun 2012 21:09:



Does anyone have any info about schools in the La Cala area?

We have 3 children aged 8, 8 and 10, i think they would settle into a bilingual school well and have heard that there is one in the area of La cala.

We dont want to use the private schools in Spain, we would prefer our children to be intergrated into the area and with the local children etc.

I' am a freelance journalist and will moving to the area Febuary 2013.

Thanks in advance,



Thread: La Cala de Mijas Nr Malaga - bilingual school?

18 Jan 2009 00:00:


First time user, we are looking to relocate to the Velez Malaga area.

We have 3 children -  but our 7 year old son has asbergers syndrome.

Altho' we have no concerns over his education, we are just wondering if there are any schools in the Velez Malaga area(or indeed anywhere between Malaga and VM)which maybe cater for a child with 'special needs'.

Our children are in 'normal' mainstream education here in the UK, but obviously a school in the VM area with maybe some staff who have an understanding of the conditon would be our preffered choice when placing our children in the Spanish system.

Staying WITHIN the mainstream system is important to us in Spain as it is in the UK.

We DO NOT want to go private - we want our children integrated into the Spanish way of life fully.

  • Is there anything available in the area?
  • Any organisations we can contact?
  • Even a comprehensive list of schools would be useful

Thanks in advance.


Thread: Child with Autism/Asbergers Syndrome - Any educational facilities east of Malaga?


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