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03 Nov 2012 8:46 AM:

I hope the Russians create the next property boom bubble in Spain.

Don't care if the Northern Europeans get pushed out.

Hopefully then, the criminal "construction Company", Aifos, will get some turnover and honour all the Court Orders against them, thus getting my €120k back.

Hang on, a pig just flew past my bedroom window.

Thread: Cranes back in the Skyline...I was amazed

04 Aug 2012 11:02 AM:

You need to keep these things in perspective.

I have just completed a 4,000 mile, 9 country (not Spain admittedly) tour of Europe on a motorcycle and was warned of this kind of activity, particularly in Croatia and Poland.

Just be aware that it "is" happening and keep your wits about you - if at all suspicious, keep moving - if your tyre has been shot, it is wrecked anyway. Make things difficult for them and they will invariably move on to "softer" targets?

Thread: Spanish motorway robberies on british tourist etc

23 Apr 2012 12:08 PM:

So the 120,000 euro debt owed to me, would become almost 20 million Pesatas?

Sounds good, but a pity I will never see any of it, in Euros, Pesatas, Brass Farthings or Washers !

Thread: What would happen to a Euro mortgage, if Spain dropped the Euro?

26 Jun 2011 5:51 PM:

I have been directed here by belucky, from another thread.

I was involved in Hacienda Casares, but got a switch to a more "upmarket" development at Estopona. However, it turns out that Aifos weren't even in a position to deliver on that site at all, as they owed money to the developer there? Total fraud and I have the court decision stating what they owe me - but that isn't worth the paper it is written on IMHO ?

We approached the Administrators with a view to taking a property off their hands, properly revalued to current market conditions, for the amount they already owe us - but they rejected that idea as it meant entering into yet another Contract, whilst existing ones are in dispute? Seemed any easy "get out of jail" option for them to me, however, they aren't interested?

As I said in the other thread, the Administrators and the lawyers will be the only other people to benefit from this farce.

Thread: 185 Million Euros in off plan deposits lost on just five developments. Want to add yours?

26 Jun 2011 3:36 PM:

Those jokers owe me over £100k and I have spent £16k chasing it !

I cannot believe that they are allowed to hide from us Creditors, behind the shield of the Administrators, whose fees will no doubt outstrip any capital that is eventually cobbled together, leaving us with nothing? Sick of the whole thing now after 7 years of bull !

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Thread: AIFOS in court again ! ! !


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