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17 Jun 2022 11:54 AM:

Thank you I was under the impression it was 5 years and wanted to see what others thought so maybe Im completely wrong !


Thread: IBI and Basura

16 Jun 2022 3:36 PM:

Hi Hope you can help We have been paying IBI and Basura regularly for years Out of the blue we have been embargoed for a couple of outstanding bills for IBI going back to 2013 and 2014 which we had no idea we'd missed We are in Almeria - are we still liable for hhese as I thought there was a cutoff oafter 4 years ... THANKS in advance 

Thread: IBI and Basura

03 Sep 2018 1:21 PM:

We had 2 places in spain and fell behind with one. The one we fell behind on was supposed to help us clear the other mortage quicker but then the property crisis hit as well.

The other is completely up to date with very little mortgage.

But now they have auctioned the one in arrears and there is 72000 o/s due to the crash in prices  -  the banks solicitors have asked to seize the assets (namely the other property) which we have nearly paid for.

I am distraught especially as the only communication we have received and that had to be signed for was at this stage. We didn’t even know it had been auctioned off already.. the bank had our uk and email address

The case to seize was heard in June according to the letter from the court we now have That was signed for at the spanish house they want to seize on the 14th Aug by a neighbour who then posted it to us when they came back to the UK last week and and it looks like we only had a window of 10 days to appeal something we knew nothing about -  until now

I suppose its too late to save the house.

I am really not sure how  long will they take to change the locks on the existing house or do we have any time to raise the necessary amount to clear the debt and remove personal possessions? 

Thank you

Thread: Please help assetts to be seized

29 Jul 2008 4:03 PM:


Anyone know any scandanavian agents we could approach?

Thread: Hello

29 Jul 2008 3:29 PM:

Thanks I'll take a look

Thread: Hello


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