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19 Sep 2012 22:16:

Only last weekend saw a family pushing a car along the road to a petrol station - word "idoits" immediately sprung to mind, ashamedly I too have been an idiot and learned my lesson - just hope RyanAir do the same.


Thread: What is going on with Ryanair in Spain?

11 Jul 2012 22:25:

steone, actually enjoyed reading your article as haven;t been keeping up with Corvera issues.

As for original link, can see a cunning plan. Argentinian wishes to buy large stake in Corvera? Well let him then nationalise his stake just like they did Repsol.

Thread: Corvera Airport

11 Jul 2012 22:13:

I expected all mortgages would convert to Euro's after all my mortgage else do they not face another meltdown as assets become priced in pts, incur even greater negative equity forcing people to just walk away even if they are one of the few that can afford the replayments.  Can't see how this would be in anyones interest


Thread: Exchange rate if Euro collapses

27 Feb 2012 18:03:

Agree you need pretty good legal advice. e.g. what about shifting UK assets to a spouse for safety?

I'm sure I read a similar post a while ago, if you don't pay  they repossess then sell on at a rediculously low price, pay off a smaller part of the mortgage and you are still liable for the rest which will be larger than if you sold privately.

With this difference and rates being low perhaps this will encourage you to hang on a bit to see how things go in Euroland.

I'm sure you would be chased in the UK, after all our factor is looking to chase people in UK for not paying community fees.  

Thread: cam mortgage

19 Jun 2010 11:55:

EOS advertises gambling so assume this is sort of allowed, but as normal (do/read at your own risk!)

With the way England are playing it is worth covering your disappointment by putting a free bet on a draw which I've done on the last two games (pays for the beer to numb t he pain).

Anyway, not recommending gambling (it's a mugs game) but if you can play for free, bet on all outcomes and then walk away with some money then how about this.

888.com, 188bet.com and betfair are all offering to return your stake if you lose so several free bet of £25 or £20. So place on all outcomes of one game and you should win something. Betfair also gives £40 quidco.

Paddypower give £10 freebet and £20 quidco and Eurosportbet for a £10 bet gives £20 so you can they use £15 of this profit at WilliamHill to get another £30 of free bets on £10 deposit and ladbrokes give £20 freebets on £5 deposit. Again use 3 different companies bets to cover a WL or Draw so you can't lose. Need to be different companies as they won't let you use all your freebets to cover one game.

Again play at your own risk....cover all outcomes so your no risk and not really gambling...then walk away with some beer money.

Thread: World Cup Fever!!


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