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11 Mar 2007 19:14:

As far as banks go, Nationwide is the best bet. It charges nothing for ATM withdrawals in foreign currency and uses 'pure' exchange rates with no loadings. Nationwide also offers a credit card with no conversion fees or currency loading, but it does levy a charge for ATM withdrawals - so use the Nationwide debit card for cash.

According to Blevin Franks 'Living in Spain Guide', pensions can be paid gross unless they are derived from government service. You will need to complete an HMRC form for this: SPA/Individual from :

Centre for Non-Residents
PO Box 46
Fitz Roy House

Telephone 0115 974 1946
Fax 0115 974 2063

Thread: Pension?

11 Mar 2007 18:57:

The ISA's tax exemption is given by UK tax legislation. In Spain you cannot expect an exemption under UK tax law to apply, so the interest will be taxable.

However, ISAs tend to pay good rates of interest because they are 'sticky' money from the banks' viewpoint. I'd suggest transferring to a new cash ISA just before you go to Spain (Halifax are paying 6% for 4 years fixed). That way you crystallise the tax free interest while you are still UK resident, start with a clean slate in Spain and still have an ISA with its UK tax benefits if you return to the UK at a later date.

Thread: ISA's and Spanish Tax

24 Nov 2006 19:10:

If you are UK resident and domiciled whether or not you remit Spanish rental income to the UK is irrelevant. You are liable to UK income tax on your worldwide income, even if it never gets nearer these shores than Jersey. But you will generally be able to set your Spanish tax against your UK liability (but there's no UK refund if the UK tax is less than the Spanish).
Thread: This is a taxing subject


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