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05 Nov 2008 00:00:

H i i dont know if any one can help me?
im arriving at alicante airport next thursday and need some help with transport!!! 
as we're moving out were going to have quite a lot of stuff...... 3 people,2 cats in carriers,3 cases and 5 cargo crates weighing appox 115kgs.
ive spoken to a couple of transfer companys and they want to charge about 200e to take us to jacarilla which i thought was a bit steap as a taxi is only about 50e!!! 
would hire a car but dont have a credit card and they all want  to be able to take a deposit on when you arrive!!
any ideas?

Thread: AIRPORT HELP!!!!!

27 Sep 2008 10:54:

you are so right pet are people in fur coats. if our cats couldn't come with us then we would'nt go!!! i have to agree that it would be a lot easier with out them but that is not an option!! we decided that for us simlpy for the worry of getting at heathrow airport and some english jobsworth telling us that our babies are not allowed in the airport we have decided to put them in the hold and worry that they are ok!! Monarch seem to be the cheapest and are very helpful.I have the number for there cargo dept if you want it,they'll get pets and any other cargo all on the same flight for you.


Thread: ferry to spain - only option ?

26 Sep 2008 09:20:

we've been looking into this ourselves as we have 2 cats to bring with us. if you you fly with ibiera they can come in the cabin with you from london and they only charge 50e for this although their flights are more expensive.Have a look at their web site. hope this helps.

Thread: ferry to spain - only option ?

06 Sep 2008 17:48:

one of mine is 2 1/2 and he just curls up all nervous in the corner.The other who will be 4mths when we travell is a dirrerent story and crys like a baby when in his cat box lets just hope he settles down!!!

Thread: flying pets with iberia

06 Sep 2008 16:00:

ive spoken to iberia twice and both times they have said there would be no problems at heathrow airport altouugh im still slightly nervous about this!!! you can take them out of the uk this way but have to put them in hold if your flying back!!!

Thread: flying pets with iberia


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