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09 Nov 2010 23:03:


I once booked via cartrawler, and I have to say, that I would never do it again.

Price was ok, we got a car from Aquesa ??? , long time ago now so not sure if that is how it is spelt.   Had to wait 1 hours, as there was no car and as the guy said " it is being made for you" took this as being cleaned.  Full/Full basis.  100 euros deposit for - I do not know!   we were tired, late for meeting up with friends etc, so just paid it when the guy said it would be refunded on return.

On its return, the tank was full, the guy checking it sat revving it for a few minutes (hoping the arrow would move!).  He said that we had damaged the rear bumber, so we shown him the car plan on pick up which determined that the car was already damaged.  He was surly, unhelpful and doing his best to find fault.  Getting more and more upset because he couldn't.  We have extra insurance cover with annual cover, so if we had done any damage we would have been covered anyhow.

I asked for a refund receipt of the 100 euros on my credit card.  He told me to  go to  the office with all the paper work, upon which he had written many notes in Spanish.  Went to the  office, where I  was told that the refund would be done  automatically within 10 days.  Not being in any position to debate this, as he was adamant that he could not do anything there and then, and we had a flight to catch, which he  was well aware of and utilised to the best of his ability.

No credit card refund even 2 months later.  Put the whole amount in dispute.  My credit card company eventually got the 100 euros refunded - 6 months later, after numerous calls, letters and exasperation. 

NEVER AGAIN........... I stick to car-jet.   No problems with  them yet...................... and used them regularly over the past 3 years.




Thread: anyone book car trawler through fromnt page on EOS website

22 Dec 2009 21:16:


I had this problem also.  It was some time ago and if I remember correctly, I e-mailed them to ask why the system would not accept the correct information regarding the last digits of my account no.

I got a very prompt reply !!!  It was something to do with a change in their systems and provider of last resort? 

Anyway, they advised me what to do and I did it and then managed to register ok.  Sorry, for the life of me I cannot remember what it was they told me to do.  Although, now registered, the e-billing system is still not working properly (or I am doing something wrong!).  That said, I get monthly e-mails from them advising me how much they are taking from my account.  So some good came out of it all.

Suggest you e-mail them, they will respond in English.

Hope this helps.




Thread: Iberdola online registration probs

30 Aug 2008 23:12:


How much cheaper is it  to live in Spain now?

Comparison with UK.  

It will definately be a choice of HEAT or EAT for quite a few this winter.  For most Spanish property owners, they will be spending more like 9 months of the year in Spain and 3 month in UK.

Appreciate your views.


06 Aug 2007 18:19:

Thanks Noreen,  I did try that first - but at the end of the application it said  - "thanks but no thanks" - send in with photo etc.  On top of that when I tried to download the form - error message.    Tried 4 times in total - Gave up.

There is a bit on it that says what is your new address - so entered info, then it asks how long you have lived there !!!!!- years and months, cos we are moving within days - I first of all put zero - got error - so put in 1 month.

So It seems that you have to have lived in your new address for a least a month before you can apply on line.

I am going to try again with hubbys licence and if that goes thru then at least one of us may have the new photo card one.

Again thanks.


Thread: Driving Licences

05 Aug 2007 22:45:

Thanks for that Morerosado

Bit of a catch 22 isnt it.    But really cant risk sending the old ones off to DVLA incase they dont come back before we fly out.  Ummmmmmmm.    Will have to give this some thought.     I will contact them tomorrow, and see if they can send new ones urgently.

Many thanks for the warning.      Oh, poor hubby - hope you were not too hard on him - he was poorly at the time

Cheers, Ellen

Thread: Driving Licences


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