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28 Sep 2016 19:40:

thank you

how do I contact Mariacastro?

Thread: is it wise to move to Spain post Brexit

26 Sep 2016 21:21:

Having the interest in retiring to Spain shortly, is it now a bad time. I dont mean price-wise, more will the Spanish authorities allow British now to set up home.

Also, is it now illegal to buy a ruin to rebuild




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Thread: is it wise to move to Spain post Brexit

03 Nov 2011 20:01:

now they say, they cannot return payment to card that was only used for guarantee even though they said they never take deposit in cash

if we did pay cash for deposit why have we not had it back or any emails from them saying we are owed 200e, they reckon the tyre money 50e is in office and we have to send a messenger to collect it !!

the deposit apparently was paid in cash so they cannot return it to a card - which my sons bank statement disputes as it shows a block for an overseas transaction

so how can we get our deposit back when they are refusing to give back as 'paid in cash' which it was not

will the bank do a chargeback? obviously the tyre money is lost as we cannot afford to pay a messenger to collect it


03 Nov 2011 18:08:

I got a reply eventually from the car hire firm and they said we paid cash and not by credit card

actually, we paid ther hire in cash and the deposit by my son's visa debit card which they accepted

now they say the money is in office and to send someone to pick it up - oh yeah, we are now back in England and have no family or friends in Spain to do that - being awkward is what they are because they had to refund for one tyre

my son is only 17 and cannot afford to lose this money from his account and neither can we - what can we do ?



02 Nov 2011 00:00:

I have just returned from 2 weeks in Malaga and had a wonderful time

we hired a family car from near the airport and the deposit was paid by my son who was the only one with a visa debit card

during the holiday, we had a puncture due to heavy rain and a mountain track to drive up and down and finding the spare tyre was also flat, and the wheel brace did not fit, we had to be recovered and taken to a garage to blow up tyres

unfortunately, both tyres were beyond repair as were obviously poor tyres before we had the car so we had to buy 2 new ones costing 100 euros

on returning the car we were told we had to pay for one but the other was the car hire firms responsibility, which is fine and was promised the deposit  plus the tyre cost back to my son's account as soon as possible

no money has yet been returned and we have been home a week - no replies to emails from the firm either

they seemed honest and office near airport thought we were okay

what can I do to get my deposit back and the tyre cost/


thanks for advice



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