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19 Dec 2013 2:52 PM:

thinking of moving over soon but will have a 16 year old who would have just left school. In UK he wants to train for police force at college. In Spain can a person from UK join police force or be a translator in the force maybe?  he is dead set on beig a police officer and i do not want to move over if his ambition s not fulfilled

Thread: Can son join police

18 Sep 2013 9:00 AM:

flying to Almeria tomorrow and having males in family. there seems to be a footie match on while we're away that they want to watch. We will be staying near Adra. Are there any Sports bars in Adra that anyone knows of?


Thread: sports bar

13 Aug 2013 9:51 AM:


am flying to Almeria in September having only ever been to Malaga. If we do not want to hire a car, how close is the nearest coast to get accommodation?  I was thinking of apartments/villa or aparthotel. i do not want a bedroom in a hotel as I need living area etc.

If no car how much would it be by taxi or public transport to the nearest coast? 

also, are there any hotels/apartment complexes

 that keep pools open september/october?




This message was last edited by deesam56 on 13/08/2013.

This message was last edited by deesam56 on 13/08/2013.

18 Jul 2013 8:53 AM:

 I know some people will get on their high horse over this - lol

but my husband is the driver  - not me - and he has 9 points on his license !!! due to speeding (slightly) in UK (sp30)

Are  there any hire firms in Almeria who will rent us a car without exorbitant insurance or massive upfront fees ?

I realize that probablly not,  but we booked our holiday then he gained  3 more points  so have to make the best of it

Putting our argument aside about this we really need a car to travel within Almeria as I am disabled so cannot walk far or get public transport


Any help and useful info will be appreciated - and I have already hauled my hubby over the coals so no need for anyone else to - just need helpful advice please 

Thread: Car Hire Almeria Airport

18 Jun 2013 4:14 PM:

 Nice to know my question has escalated into fierce debate 



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