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25 Jan 2012 16:44:

Hi everyone, I've just had a reply from my Spanish Lawyer after querying the original post with them.  They have loosely confirmed the points in the original post from mega but said that the comments made in the meeting were made 'off record' and are waiting for a letter confirming the points from Aifos before relaying it to the creditors.  If I hear anything more I will share it here.  Seems like yet again we are going to have to wait!

Thread: Return of deposits from Aifos in 2003

13 May 2010 19:35:

Thanks for your input Keith, food for thought at least.

Thread: Rough justice yet again!

13 May 2010 16:39:

Certainly sounds like we have a case then but does anybody have any experience of actual success in pursuing a case like this in Spain?  Being on the right side of the law means very little in Spain as I have found out to significant expense with legal fees etc.  As Goodstitch and others are saying, I don't want to throw more money at legal fees to enforce a law that the Spanish legal system does not have the power or time to enforce!  Have you had any success here Keith?  Maria?

Thread: Rough justice yet again!

13 May 2010 15:40:

Hi Keith,

I don't know if they were special accounts, is there any way to tell?  We certainly weren't given a bank guarantee and I think that's fairly standard practice for purchasers with Aifos so I don't imagine anyone got a guarantee but I can't be sure.



Thread: Rough justice yet again!

13 May 2010 15:09:

Hi Keith, our money was paid direct to the banks, some to Banc Sabadell and some to Cajamar.

Thread: Rough justice yet again!


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