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01 Jun 2014 13:59:

Well I think I'm with Mickyfinn.  We will remain how we are at present - taxed and medicated in the UK and very very quiet about how much time we actually spend in Spain.  If I need to see a doctor here I will pay for it otherwise it's back to the UK for checkups.  We practically do not exist here, no property, no car, nothing - unless Mercadona are keeping tabs on us.  I might sell up one day in the UK and move out here - or I may not.  At present I don't want to get stuck with a Spanish property that I can't sell - this way I can pack my bags and go home tomorrow, if necessary.

Thread: Meds in Spain

31 May 2014 15:10:

My situation is slightly different:  I am a pensioner (67) but my wife is not (55).  She doesn't work.  We have a residence in the UK and we rent a property here in Spain.  We spend rather more time in Spain than the UK but we have no property of our own here and at any moment we may revert to living in the UK.  We have no Spanish residency status, no NIE, nothing.  Until now I have had all medical matters dealt with in the UK.  If we needed a doctor here we would find a private one.  We both have EHICs for emergencies.  I am diabetic, as is my wife.  We therefore get free prescriptions in the UK.  We both take a cocktail of various meds each day for various other conditions.

I have been wondering if we should move over to the Spanish system, if we should seek some sort of basic health insurance or stick with the NHS.  I, for example take about 8 different tablets a day and my wife the same.  She will presumably pay 40% and I just 10% of the cost - I presume diabetes does not affect the cost of medication as it does in the UK (free)?  What do you recommend?


Thread: Meds in Spain

09 Feb 2013 23:06:

My wife insists Warburtons was about 3Euros a loaf, which 'ain't no larf'!  Jacksons is apparently available at Camposol.  Yes, the baguettes are lovely - I'll just have to adapt...

Thread: Spanish bread

09 Feb 2013 10:58:

Spanish bread sticksand rolls are great but loaves of bread seem quite different to UK sliced equivalents - sweeter in some way -  which just doesn't seem to go with baked beans and other savouries.  Can anyone recommend a sliced loaf that's just like at home (without paying 3 Euros in Iceland)?

Thread: Spanish bread


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