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Sobre mi... married 3 girls, ages 24, 21 and 8

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Me gusta... still bringing up the children, but am starting up a Special olympic club in my area.

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18 Feb 2009 10:46:

Noreen many thanks will have a look now, have you purchased on Condado?  We are in garden 4 and have to say we are really pleased with it other than the town centre being moved.

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17 Feb 2009 00:00:

Hi i have bought a property on Condado Alhama and the first commuity meeting is to be held on Friday.  Unfortunately i can not attend as i am just home but someone told me that i can find out details of what is due to be discussed at meeting through eye of spain but cannot find it .  Can someone help. 

Thanks Carol

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04 Jul 2007 18:42:

Hi We dont know the area at all.  Only Polaris world, so was thinking of the intercontential hotel at polaris,  or even the beach club that is now opened.  Its all the daughers ideas will be over in July so was hoping to check as many options as possible then.  Thank you for yours and we will certainly have a look, it sounds as if it would make a lovely setting.   Carol    

Thread: does anyone know the location?

02 Jul 2007 23:56:

thanks Donna, i see you are another one who is lucky enough to move to Murica which is the area Julie wants to get married.  I just have no idea of costs over there ie would flowers,cake etc be the same sort of price. I think you are right it seems a lot of hassle. Had to laugh though at smily ,the only time i was in gib it rained all day and cloud so low we didnt go up the rock.

Thread: does anyone know the location?

01 Jul 2007 18:32:

thank you, that confirms everthing for us, Their friend is coming out to perform the wedding, but looks like we need to complete everything here and blessing out there.  Heading out in July for a week and don't want to spend the whole time running around.  Lucky you getting to move out for good. 

Thread: does anyone know the location?


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