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22 Aug 2019 16:48:

We are selling our house (bought in 2005) at a considerable loss. However, our solicitor says he must withhold some four thousand euro for the plusvalia tax, which I understand was declared unpayable by Spain's Constitutional Court in 2017 if a property was sold at a loss. Our solilcitor says he will send a letter to the local authority saying we do not want to pay this tax, but the authority has 4 years in which to claim the money. So that's four years of what amounts to nearly four thousand pounds of our money being withheld so that a local council can continue this illegal practice. Why on earth haven't the Spanish legal profession united against this abuse? I believe I read somewhere that although the court has ruled against it, the legislature has yet to embody it in law, so local councils can continue to fleece us. Has anyone else had experience of this, and, if so, how was it resolved?

Thread: plusvalia

05 Aug 2019 16:30:

More fun and games with Bankia. They blocked our account 'by mistake'!!! Our mortgage payments have been sent back to England twice now. Our local branch says the account is unblocked - but the money was still returned even after they told us this. We cannot get any sense out of anyone and cannot get to Spain to sort it out since I am receiving hospital treastment and cannot travel. I utterly despair of these people: they are now threatening a financial penalty because our mortgage hasn't been paid - and the mortage hasn't been paid because of their mistake. We've spend more than a week trying to get some answers on the phone. The branch ignores emails and as for Customer Service in Madrid.....Next step is that our electricity gets cut off because the monthly charge won't be paid. What a dreadful organisation this is. They aren't bankers - but what they are certainly rhymes with bankers!


Thread: Bankia/BMN

20 Jun 2018 12:08:

Kavanagh - I was simply wondering whether other forum members were having the same type of problem as I am and, if so, how they managed to solve it. I appreciate we could move banks, but I was hoping to pay off the mortgage later this year and simply didn't want to be hurled yet again into the morass which seems to be the Spanish banking system. It's really helpful to hear of others' experiences and therapeutic to know we're not the only people banging our heads against this brick wall. 

Thread: BMN merger with Bankia issues

19 Jun 2018 16:59:

Just a footnote to this: the notice telling us we haven't declared a country of tax residence has reappeared on our account. So far, all the documents have been sent to our branch five times, plus we have been in correspondence with the bank's central customer services (and have sent them the documents as well), who just keep telling us to contact the branch, saying that our branch claims it hasn't got our documents. This kind of idiocy elevates incompetence to a whole new level.

Thread: BMN merger with Bankia issues

15 Jun 2018 15:05:

One word: mortgage!

Thread: Bankia/BMN


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