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16 Aug 2020 23:28:

One of the problems of people with problems is they don't know they have a problem

Thread: What Legal Rights Does The Mother Of My Son’s Child Have? (Spanish rights)

15 Aug 2020 20:12:

Okay, some silly family skirmishes to deal with here.
My son’s girlfriend became pregnant and recently gave birth to a baby girl.
To cut a long story short they have problems with their relationship and she recently threatened us with legal action ("I will call the police") if my son doesn't help her to take care of the child when she goes back to work (in October) But he has already told her that he WILL help her with the child. We were going to let her live (freely without rent) in a 3 bedroom flat we own nearby but her attitude has made us put this on hold and she has become even more aggressive. So now we have told her to find a small flat and we (the grandparents) will help her with half the rent. She thinks its likely she could lose her job if my son turns up late to look after the child (and since her job is a simple supermarket job this is a legitimate worry) my son (26) doesn't work and has some other problems (that we don't need to go into just now)
Basically we need to know what the law requires of him generally in these circumstances, and what the law may require of him should she lose her job for any reason. I suppose there is social welfare for mothers with young children?. And any other information that might be useful to know about cases like these (all too common most probably)

Thread: What Legal Rights Does The Mother Of My Son’s Child Have? (Spanish rights)

15 Aug 2020 12:49:

Thanks as always for more feedback.

I do pay taxes here every year on income (and also the horrible Spanish wealth tax) and I also have to submit a foreign asset declaration form (for uk property and uk bank accounts etc) every year to the Spanish authorities.. I own 2 properties in spain. Can you be doing all that without being officially resident? I just assumed I WAS officially resident.
Yes there is no legal obligation to have a TIE, but legal obligations aside, it would seem that it is really not that necessary to have one if you have a NIE and one or two of you seem to have confirmed that here just above?.

This was written on the site I mentioned previously:
"However, if the thought of a long wait for a TIE appointment puts you off, remember that ”the green residency document gives you the same rights as the new TIE card,” UK Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott reiterated."

Thread: Things that will affect resident brits after 31st Dec 2020

09 Aug 2020 18:32:

Thanks once again to everyone for futher information...
Looking at an article on thelocal dot es (eyeonspain won’t allow me to post urls) it would seem there is little necessity to apply for a TIE if you already hold the green NIE paper.

If anyone IS interested in reading the article I can only suggest googling the following text and ‘thelocal’ page comes up near the top results

Q&A: What Brits in Spain need to know about the new Brexit-friendly residency card

Thread: Things that will affect resident brits after 31st Dec 2020

06 Aug 2020 13:11:

Thanks so much to everyone for all the information and my apologies for not having replied earlier
We have been living here for nearly 20 years. We currently just have NIE papers and our UK passports as ID.  Maridav you said about becoming a ‘permanent resident’ would this be different to having the NIE and is it in any way related to the TIE mentioned by mariadecastro ?
Again we currently do have healthcare cards.

Thread: Things that will affect resident brits after 31st Dec 2020


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