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17 Feb 2013 12:54:

a boat has to be registered and with a number, year, location, very similar to your car number-plate, it also has to be insured, as for a "driving licence" you will need one if the boat is over 4 mtrs, my fishing licence cost me 38 E's and is good for 4 yrs, it cover's shore as well as boat fishing, as for the use of net's, a completely different ball game, you would have to be regestered and licenced as a commercial fisherman, and the reg num. reflect's this, whatever you do don't risk using a net, if caught everything will be confiscated, and you could end up with a hefty fine of even a sentance, these law's are very strict, as for applying for all this stuff it is as you  might know full of the usual spanish "red-tape", you will need alot of patience.

Thread: Legalities of a small boat and a small fishing net

01 Feb 2013 11:04:

all i can say is, and that is what i said before........... "if i'd have known 9yrs ago what i know now" ...........no one know's the in's & out's, the pro's & con,s, when first purchacing a property in spain, as we know the procedure is a little different to the uk & ireland, so this is why i say, if we'd have known how it all work's you would certainly be thinking twice, and sale's rep's explain nothing, again, if they did, you'd be again thinking twice, mine is an apt. (could'nt afford a house/villa) i'm still very happy with it and where it is with beutiful atlantic sea view's, but it's still niggle's at me  to see the way people carry on, eos_ ian hit it on the head saying "it's human nature" how right he is.

Thread: Have you noticed people have woken up?

31 Jan 2013 21:50:

i gotta say folk's that if i had known 9 yrs ago what i know now, never would have i'd have bought where a "community" was involved, it has shown me it just does'nt work, you get small group's that keep any info to themselve's, creap around the president like "teacher's pet" ! instead of sharing with the rest of the complex owner's, "secret meeting's" happen behind closed door's, etc etc etc. then the back stabbing start's, being a part of a community  ! is a joke, and anyone that say "it does'nt happen on our complex" wake up ! because it does. 

Thread: Have you noticed people have woken up?

31 Jan 2013 10:41:

hello jacksonadmin, i very much appreciate your reply, but could you tell me please exactly where that information came from, we have an a.g.m. coming up very shortly and i need that info to be legally verified, as it will be a very important point to prove at that meeting, most important also is using a list of name's from a single sheet rather than the legal individual proxy sheet. thak's again. b.f.

Thread: proxy vote's

29 Jan 2013 19:24:

many thank's to the both of you for your input, it was a tremendous help and very re-assuring. regard's b.f.

Thread: proxy vote's


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