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15 Dec 2013 08:45:

You will need a Freesat+ (Freesat Plus) box or a generic Freesat recorder box. Take a look at Argos, Currys or John Lewis. Their product description will tell you how they work, plus buyer reviews will tell you how they are performing out in the real world. Or simply Google " freesat recorder". Important note - freeview boxes will only receive/record Spanish programmes, not the UK ones like BBC and ITV.

Thread: WHAT DO I NEED ?

31 Oct 2013 14:33:

Tamsin, Freeview in Spain is for Spanish TV programmes. ( Some programmes have a "Dual Language" broadcast which can be switched to the English version via the Menu button on your remote. IF your TV supports this function ).

You can install a satellite dish and have it connected to a satellite receiver. This, when pointed in the right direction ( 28.2E ), will allow you to pick up UK Freesat broadcasts ( all usual BBC ITV C4 C5 etc ). There are many installers who can provide this setup. Perhaps there are recommendations on this site. Cheers, Bill


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Thread: Freeview in Spain

21 Aug 2013 08:50:

Another problem these days is that, due to the increase in free wifi in bars, internet cafes are closing down at a rate of knots. This means finding locals willing to let you use their printing facilities. Easier said than done.


14 Jul 2012 16:28:

Sod all this legal / illegal nonsense. Where we're you apologists when these builders were robbing us blind with their blatant disregard for the law. If they can't be caught and prosecuted for misappropriating millions of euros, who's gonna prosecute a few residents trying to get a few bob back !! Brits have got to start treating Europe the same as the French and Spanish do. Ignore the law. Nobody cares, don't you get it ???

Thread: using unsold apartment

13 Jul 2012 14:04:

For me, its an asset that's sitting their being wasted. Innovative idea and could be for the benefit of the community.

As long as its covered insurance-wise and there is no damage done !!

Thread: using unsold apartment


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