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21 Mar 2016 12:15:

Thank you everyone for your tips.

I will be back if I get any results.

Thread: licencia hábitar

19 Mar 2016 16:52:

The main issue is to get post, streetlights and dustbins (that we pay for). To go foreward I must find an possible way. The only one I see is the next election as it seams to be no law that regulate the cuncil.


Thread: licencia hábitar

19 Mar 2016 12:27:

Thanks Maria!

I would not be surprised if there is something fuzzy about this as with anything “legal”.

No one of the Agent, Builder, Lawyer or Notary mentioned anything about Habitation Cerificate problem. In the country I come from, the Town Hall treats all people the same and we get mail to every little chack, legal or illegal.

We have a Referencia Castral ...   from Gioberno de Espana, Ministerio de Hacienda….. We pay Property tax and Basura tax. We have water and Electricity. We have an entrance from a “Valencia” road. The Town Hall has told us that we have Habitation Certificate for our house but not for the area! Can it really be illegal?

One of our neighbour houses is still in dispute after 9 years as the Spanish buyer refused to complete. She was the only one who knew about the Habitation Certificate Syndrom. So claiming nullity would probably mean that we have to live on the street for the rest of our lifes.

And why can not the Correos deliver the letters? They know us and pop up sometimes. The senders have paid for the delivery, so this is in fact breach of contract. The authorities have sent letters to home owners for 9 years but most of them are returned. Even our own Town Hall, who is causing the mail problem, trying to send letters to the house owners !!!

Are the non-actions by the Correos and Town Hall legal? Is this according to the Constitution?

Thread: licencia hábitar

09 Mar 2016 10:59:

Thanks ads and acer.

Several years ago, when we still had some faith in the Town Hall, our president had continuous contact and regular meetings with the councillor for planning. For not open our entrance (the key to Habitation Certificate) the "goal posts"   were  alternately: “The landowner request too high price. We are waiting for the court decision. The land owner has appealed in court. The building licence has expired. There is no money. Only some paperwork to be done”

“Therefore the building work will start in three months/in September.”

I think we all feel exhausted in this hopeless task and need to find a new approach. There must be a law forcing the municipally to threat its inhabitants equal.

But when they always say that it will be done soon…….

Thread: licencia hábitar

08 Mar 2016 17:49:

Thanks for your advises and exuse my English.

Yes, it is wrong, very wrong but here we are and have no tools to fight the authorities. And I dont vote for the present Mayer (PP).

 ”Are the town hall in any breach…” Probably. The new roundabout on CV941 is in completely dark as they have switched off the light. We have bins about 500 m from the urbanization but we normally have to take them into town by car.

“Is the inference here that the Town Hall consider that purchasers are inhabiting their properties illegally? “ We are paying property tax and garbage tax and have a deed for the houses. I am not sure that we have deed for the urbanization as our Administrator refuse to inform us about it. At the first contact with the Town Hall we were informed that we were not allowed to live in our houses, but we managed to get some bins far away.

“Have you requested that the Town Hall clarify in writing exactly what Information is missing”

We have been told that the reason was the missing roundabout and the stone wall. This is now fixed since 1.5 years. I do not know what contacts our President and Administrator is having. Probably nothing.I am seeking means to get them acting as i do not have any athority to act on behaf if our urbanization.

“Is the information that is lacking associated with issuance of post codes “ We have a post code and sometimes the Correos turn up to deliver avisas for qualified letters. The water company deliver letters by throwing them into the gardens.

Various Presidents have over the years have had contact with the Town Hall and have been ensured that there is no obstacles and the Habitation Certificate will be issued soon (normally in three months) and the we will have lights and letters and bins.

Others, not I, have voted the President and Administrator.


Thread: licencia hábitar


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