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21 Nov 2016 22:00:

Abinitio kept sending me an e-mail every 10 days saying I must pay bills from Eurona and I answered every one that I do not own any money to Eurona and that I need to have the invoices they refer to, so I can replay. Last Saturday I got I e-mail from Abinito that they have checked my files and found that I dont own any money to Eurona!!! Very nice!   Conclusion: Keep all invoices and receipts from Norton, BroadbandCB and Eurona in good order, because they don’t.

Thread: Eurona Telecom

10 Oct 2016 11:13:

I had NoLimit last winter. They had a base station on our house and I got 30 to 50 Mb/s for free.The problem was that we could never agree on a contract text and it was very difficult to get answers from them. I puched hard to get a acceptable contract and a declaration that they would continue. I had several potential clients in our area waiting for their answer. Suddenly they stopped the service claiming there were no other clients!!! They did nit even offered a normal service.

So I went to Ole as several others have done here. Got a dish and a router in a few days. Had one issue with the fee as I asked for a 3 month pause after just one week. This problem was solved easely by one e-mail. Have had it running for one month now. So far so good.

Thread: Eurona Telecom

09 Oct 2016 12:31:

I had an Internet and  telephone service from Eurona by Norton in LaZenia/Orihuela Costa for 7 years. Never worked satisfactory so I cancelled the service 1st Sept 2015. I made the cancellation  in person, paid outstanding debts and got a signed copy of my cancellation.(This was a tuff job and  my blood pressure was on top when I left.)

Now I get E-mails from a  company called ABENITIO CONSULTING. They claim that I own Eurona €171.20 without any information what it is for. (Could guess 6 months fee.)

I am going to see Norton/Eurona tomorrow but I want to know if this has happened to anyone else.


Thread: Eurona Telecom

21 Mar 2016 12:15:

Thank you everyone for your tips.

I will be back if I get any results.

Thread: licencia hábitar

19 Mar 2016 16:52:

The main issue is to get post, streetlights and dustbins (that we pay for). To go foreward I must find an possible way. The only one I see is the next election as it seams to be no law that regulate the cuncil.


Thread: licencia hábitar


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