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13 Aug 2012 09:56:

What a nasty thread this is in places.

Some replies are far too long (cannot read them all) but I can see that a simple yes/no answer will not suffice for everyone and there will be disagreements but the crossover / points raised are going too far.

For my money - it would be best of both worlds - 6 months in Spain / 6 Months in UK, but at the moment cannot afford to do tha, having two homes to look-after / maintain... which I suspect is the impetous for this question.... i.e. because fo the current austerity / economic / employment gloom it's tempting to look back for greener grass over the proverbial 'other side'. If it was all boom maybe the question would not arise so much.

BTW roscomonstreet has seen a a golden opportunity to advertise his/her home !!

Thread: BE HONEST...Would you stay in Spain if it wasn't for the weather?

03 Dec 2011 14:20:

Well all that has cheered me up on end !! - thanks Justine... tomorrow try getting out of the other side of the bed or stay there until the spring when hopefully the fallout will have subsided!!

Thread: I'm worried for Spain

05 Nov 2011 04:52:

Just had a look on PC - Quality looked good for ONE minute I was allowed to look - then I had to register - then they wanted €15 per month !! - not worth it for PC in my opinion. Inevitably these types of site come and go - they and you need good bandwidth or the stop/start just gets annoying - especially on our 'fast' 3MB Wifi around here.... not for me on PC - rather pay TorreSat 21 a month...

I'll get the wife to try it on the IPhone see how that goes - but she'll still have to go through our 3MB Wifi.

(BTW - Why is broadband so expensive in Spain ? - we pay €35pm - in UK I was paying £10 for 20MB).

Thread: Free UK TV Channels & More on The IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE

01 Dec 2010 19:23:

Quick reply there Justin... just as I expected to defend your stance! But a quick reply means you haven't thought it through or read my complaint properly.

I don't think I am on your case...  "So please get off my case."

I love your info and data - your ideas are great, the site has some brilliant advice and don't mind the odd advert - but you are ramming the affiliates/adverts down our throats a bit lately, it's hardly subtle is? - pop-ups, interrupts, intertisials, links, advertorials !!

Opinions are great - that's what a forum is for... and don't have a problem with your retort. Keep up the great work!


01 Dec 2010 19:02:

Give MoneyCorp a rest why don't ya? Every bloody newsletter, every opportunity do you mention MoneyCorp. Of course you are entitled to make a few pounds commission for the referral but there ARE OTHER REPUTABLE MONEY EXCHANGE companies.

If you are allowed to advertise then it's fair that we EOS members can too.

And EOS - it's not just your site / newsletters - others use the same agressive marketinging / articles /link building - I say that if MoenyCorp can afford to pay and push so many affiliations then there rates must reflect it.

... like anything SHOP AROUND !



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