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16 Jan 2007 11:11:

A lot of restaurants bars etc advertise for chefs in Sur in English newspaper. You can check out the job section online at www.surinenglish.com


Thread: I'm moving to spain some advice please

16 Jan 2007 11:04:

Hi Janice

I live in Mijas Costa. Your friend is welcome to PM any questions to me, will help if I can.

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05 Dec 2006 19:29:

Personally I would take a look at neighbouring gardens, see what ones appear to be well tended, and get the name and number of the gardeners. Then get them around for a quote. The best ones to look at at generally the older well established apartment gardens, usually bigger and if they are in good order then they have good gardeners! They are quite a few in Riviera, Don Miguel, and Bella Sol they both have nice gardens.
Thread: spanish gardeners : where do we advertise for them on the Costa del Sol

05 Dec 2006 17:25:

I'm not a pensioner  nor am I working so I pay for private medical insurance in Spain.

If you are in receipt of the UK state pension and resident in Spain then you are entitled to free health care.


05 Dec 2006 16:45:

Personally I do not find it cheaper to live in Spain than in the UK. As Smiley and Justin say you end up with a far busier social life automatically costing you more money. Enjoyable but not cheap!!

Certain things of course are cheaper, Council tax versus IBI/Basura phenomenal savings. Fuel cheaper. Gas and electric, well you can use far more than you expect what with aircon in summer and heating in winter. (Marble floors etc make for cold housing) Telephone more expensive, broadband more expensive.

Food bills some things cheaper some things more expensive. And to make savings you have to go all over the place getting things from different shops and markets. Also forget buying British brands of anything you will pay twice the price.

I think its easier to work out for a pensioner, if you can afford to live in the UK and you move to Spain adopting the same way of life that you had in the UK then you will likely be better off. For a family or younger people that need to find work, its a completely different story. And if you do have to work then the tax rate is higher in Spain and the  tax allowances lower, and the wages way lower.

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