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05 Feb 2009 15:44:

Many thanks Sandra-I will look into it further

Thread: Buying off plan

05 Feb 2009 00:00:



I'm new to eye on spain and hope I'm not asking a silly question-we are currently waiting patiently for our apartment in Cuevas De Almanzora to have the FOL/Habitation Cert passed by the towm hall.Completion was due in June last year and is now very overdue and at one point were considering pulling out as our contract was not adhered to (or so we thought).Our solicitor says because the builder put the application in on time he has kept within  the contract.However we have photos of the apartment taken after this date and it was not ready to live in-i.e the tiling was not finished-kitchen units not in place-does this not have to be done before applying for this certificate??It is all very confusing and I must say it is very hard to get regular communication from our solicitor.Any advice on completion and FOL would be appreciated

Thread: Buying off plan


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