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17 Apr 2011 00:08:

Fantastic restaurant called Campbells in Roda village, just past the Roda Golf and Beach resort.  No specific childrens menu but they are happy to adapt to suit.  Staff are very friendly and the food superb - need to book in peak season though!


Thread: Los Alcazares Restaurants

12 Feb 2010 01:35:

Agree with Marksfish - it is my understanding that econorents only full/full agreement is with hirecarsinspain.com and not if you book directly with econorent, or I assume through any other agents.

We've used before with no problems and my only gripe is that on the last couple of bookings we've made online we have selected our car and all seems well but then a few hours later have been phoned by hirecarsinspain and tols that that type of car is not available and they only have larger cars available....fine if they would supply them for the same price but unfortunately they don't.  The first time we opted for this but it has now happened 3 times and personally we feel this is just their way of ripping us off!


05 Sep 2009 11:56:

FYI our car was rented from Murcia airport


05 Sep 2009 00:09:

Sterling.....we have just returned having rented a car from Goldcar through Carjet with all the prices in euros.   We normally pay using our Spanish visa card however this time used our UK mastercard which has no charges.  It's only on reading this thread that I've pulled out our invoice (as hubby paid for it!) and there it is - yes the total invoice is in euros but on the right hand side there is abit that shows it in GBP.  It is even as blatant enough to separately identify the exchange rate mark up - incidentally 2%.  I'm very annotyed and certainly won't fall for this again.  I also thought the fuel charge was a bit steep this time too.

I hope the supermarkets haven't done the same - I'll need to await my statement!


19 May 2009 14:20:

The car seats can be put on the hold of the plane in the same way as prams.  Some airlines will charge extra I dare say but the better ones don't.....it will all depend on if you have enough hands to carry everything!!   Failing that if it's a trip they are going to make often it can be benefiical just to buy your own out there to use a few times....a couple of weeks hire would buy you a seat!

Thank goodness for a heavy 3 year old......our booster has cost £10 and is light so can be transported in our case, or even golf bag!!



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