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18 Jul 2011 20:15:

In my experience banks will not consider it if you have not missed a mortgage payment so you have to miss payments then try and negotiate whilst keeping back funds so that you can clear the arrears at point of signing the dacion en pago.  Bear in mind there will be penalty charges.  Our own lawyer on here is adamant it is a consumer right.........many lawyers in my experience know nothing about it

Thread: Dacion en Pago

18 Jul 2011 20:12:

My understanding si that the banks cannot refuse you a dacion en pago, it is your consumer right to do this.  i am not sure it is legal either to value your property at half the price.  You can get your own Tinsa valuation done and then get a solicitor to argue it out with them.  CAM banks are in deep trouble so will probably try all kinds of tricks but in every case I know where a dacion en pago went through the banks said NO many times until a solicitor got involved.  They will try all kinds of things but you can too, tell them you ahve no other assets in europe and will be moving to Australia to live with family, no hope of them pursuing you there and a dacion en pago is better for them than the extra costs of re-possessing

THey played hard ball for years with us - return the compliment!!!!

Thread: Dation in payment with shortfall

13 Jul 2011 22:39:

THey can look in the mirror in the morning because they are so pleased they have pulled off another scam in conning people who believe in decency, legalilty and basic honesty........but con merchants use that to their own advantage.


Thread: 185 Million Euros in off plan deposits lost on just five developments. Want to add yours?

13 Jul 2011 22:35:

You cannot just hand back the keys you must ensure the bank sign for the house in return for cancelling the mortgage at the Notary, only then will you be free

Be warned, spanish banks will do everything they can to try and trick you so make sure you are 100% clear that they have cancelled the entire mortgage and any other debts that may arise from the property in the dacion document.

Spoain is not a country to be trusted in any way at all, its it not a country of honour or with any ral beliefe in citizens rights and will say anything to get money from you but will not keep its end of the deal

Sorry if I offend anyone but 12 years of experience of this excuse for an EU country (in reality a third world corrupt dictatorship pretending to be a democracy) have brought me to this conclusion

Thread: advice once again please on handing back keys etc.

13 Jul 2011 18:36:

I am sorry if life has been tough for you - can I suggest that while you have all this time on your hands you learn about punctuation and grammar in the english language as your post just reads like an angry rant.

In a nutshell it is very expensive to work here legally, you will need good language skills, including spanish, to maximise your chances of work.  If you do not have those then see if a rich widow or widower will offer your husband gardening work and you housework / cooking in return for accommodation and perhaps a small income as this really is your best bet to find secure employment. Costa almeria and Costa del Sol are good areas for this.  Tto come here hoping for guaranteed part time work is impossible and will only result in you returning to the UK worse off.

Sorry to crush your dreams.

Thread: sick of england


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