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12 Nov 2010 20:32:

My daughter's flight was cancelled and Easyjet gave her an alternative and paid 250 euros compensation.


Thread: Flight cancellations!! What happened to you?

10 Oct 2010 00:00:

I have just booked a car hire with Auriga Crown. Does anyone know what they charge for the extra insurance? Do they try and charge you for anything else?

Thread: Auriga Crown - extra insurance

08 Oct 2010 00:00:

I have just booked a car from Goldcar at Alicante which is a 24hr airport. My flight arrives about 11.30pm. I have just been told that I will have to pay an additional fee of 20 euros as this will be after 10pm. This company keeps inventing new ways to screw their customers. Has anyone else experienced this new con?


Thread: Goldcar - out of hours extra payment

15 Sep 2010 21:15:

There is still confusion about the Santander zero current account.  I have pasted this extract from the Santander website.  It is perfectly clear that you need a mortgage or an investment to open it.  You can also see that the requirement to pay in £1000 per month relates to an additional offer whereby you can get £100 cashbach plus 5% interest.

Hope this helps.  Grover

The only current account on the market to offer:

  • No fees if you exceed your Arranged Overdraft and No fees from us when you use cash machines or your debit card anywhere in the world
  • £100 cashback and 5.00% AER fixed for 12 months (1% AER variable after 12 months), on balances up to £2,500 when you switch and pay in £1,000 each month


What you need to do:

  • To apply: have a Santander mortgage which is not in arrears or hold an eligible Santander Investment and switch using our Account Transfer Service
  • To qualify for the £100 & 5% AER: apply online, switch using our Account Transfer Service (select in the application) and pay in £1,000 a month

Thread: Nationwide changes

13 Sep 2010 22:00:

Santander Zero current account

Can I clarify some confusion on this thread about the Santander current account.  I have always used Nationwide because it did not impose charges on currency transactions.  Following their change of approach I have now applied for a Santander Zero current account.  This current account has certain restrictive criteria.  To open one you must either have a mortgage or an investment with Santander.  My mortgage with Santander has been paid in full so I did not meet this criteria.  At my meeting in the branch I was told that an ISA or bond did not count as an investment for this purpose .  I had to open an investment with Santander using the minimum amount of £1500.  This is tied up for three and a half years at a fixed interest rate.  My initial investment is guaranteed as a minimum return.  This Zero current account acts in much the same as the Nationwide card in terms of no currency transaction costs anywhere in the world.  There is an ordinary current account which does not have the same restrictive criteria but charges are made for currency transactions.  It is important to get the correct one.  I did not mind opening the investment account with Santander as I already had the £1500 in a savings account with them - I simply transfered it to the investment account.

Someone on this thread mentioned that you need to put in £1,000 per month to be eligible for this account but this is not correct.  You do not have to transfer in a regular amount.  Santander have another offer on their current accounts that pays you £100 and pays interest on your balance if you switch your main current account to Santander.  They want to get people to switch the current account that their pay goes into and their direct debist are paid from into the Santander account.  This is a completely seperate offer.  I am keeping my main current account with HSBC and will just use the Santander account for overseas travel.

On a seperate point I started to transfer £800 a month into my Nationwide account prior to going over to Spain and they have assumed that I am now using Nationwide as my main account.  The letter informing me about the new currency charges also stated that as Nationwide was my main current account they would be giving me and my wife free annual travel insurance.

Like others on this thread I will be making a formal complaint to Nationwide.


Thread: Nationwide changes


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