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30 May 2017 17:55:

Thank you johnzx, Roberto, and Maria. I appreciate you taking the time to post.

Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax

26 May 2017 18:24:

Having read further from the link supplied, I am guessing that you wouldn't really become liable for non-res-tax until you have received your very 1st IBI bill. I say that because you need some information from your IBI bill to be able to pay non-res-tax. Just guessing of course, but thats the way it comes across to me. Though guessing when it comes to paying tax is not a good plan.


Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax

26 May 2017 18:18:

Thank you johnzx, I appreciate you taking the time to post the link.

Yes, as you say, I am not overly concerned with the amount. It's more a case of wanting to know if I should be expecting a bill (IBI) this year and/or needing to pay any non-res-tax.

My concern is that a bill will be sitting at my property without my knowledge regarding IBI and equally so, if I should be paying non-res-tax this year, as, to my knowledge, you don't get billed for that, you are just expected to pay it when it's due.



Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax

25 May 2017 22:04:


I purchased an apartment in Murcia in February 2016

Am I liable for IBI & Non residency tax for that year? I ask because I read somewhere that the tax year in spain starts Jan 1st each year.

Would this mean that I am only liable from 2017 onwards, or are these taxes pro-rata?

Many thanks for any advice.

Thread: When do I become liable for IBI & non residence tax

12 May 2016 20:01:


Can I find out anywhere the accurate cost of notary & land registry fees outside of what my solicitor might say they are?

I completed on a property 3 months ago through POA. When given a breakdown of all fees, just prior to completion, taxes, solicitor fees, notary & land registry, etc, I noticed that notary & land registry fees were grouped into one cost.

Further, I felt that the cost quoted was rather high and IMO approx 50% more than it should be. The cost quoted was a very specific amount (not a rounded off number)

As such, I queried it with my solicitor and asked for a further breakdown of seperate cost for notary fee and seperate cost of land registry fee. It was only at this point that they informed me that the amount I paid them for notary & land registry was a preliminary/estimated cost.

When questoned further, they stated that they won't know the exact cost of notary & land registry fees untl they have the original Escritura back. They said they will get in touch with me when this happens.

While I felt it was a bit off of them for not originally explaining to me that these particular fees were going to be estimated, I felt all I could do at that point was wait.

Can anyone tell me if I can find out what these fees were elsewhere? Also, if in the current climate, 3 months from completion is enough time to have waited?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Thread: Notary & Land Registry Fees


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