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02 Oct 2009 19:40:


Good news today i have received a refund of my initial deposit transfered straight into my cam bank account, its taken a couple of months to get.  My second stage payment was not covered by a bank guarantee but i have been assured that it will be covered by a new system being put in place by the developer and will eventually get a full refund plus interest.  Waiting with baited breath to learn what this new system will be.

Thread: Finca Parcs Bank Guarantees and Refunds

21 Sep 2008 17:32:

Hi, Ricman thanks for all the info on the area, spent a few days last week discovering the area around the cenejo hotel, hellin and albacete, fantastic scenery and well worth the effort. Some great walks and picnic areas not far from the hotel. Albacete made a nice change from Alicante and Murcia for shopping, a nice new El Corte Ingles for the ladies, and if you go there between 2 and 4 on a Saturday it was almost empty. Although I would say it is best to stay in the area for a few days to explore, you could visit the lakes on a day trip from the coast but it would not really give you enough time to enjoy what the area has to offer.  Chingo

Thread: Castilla la Mancha

06 Aug 2008 13:17:

Dont worry to much this is a regular occurance, according to the Sismos activity records for the Alicante province we have had over 100 recorded shakers already this year !San Miguel had a 3.3 in March, but normally they are between the  1.5. and 2.00 strengh. Its probably because it was during the night that more people felt it, and there are a lot more holiday makers here as well.   Lets put it this way, Its the first time the earths moved for me in a long time  lol.     

Thread: earthquake

12 Jul 2008 18:35:

Hi we had a similar problem with our pool, however by positioning the jets so the jets actually push the water out of the pool creating like a mini water fall effect and running the pump every few hours through the day for about an hour at a time we seem to now have far less of a problem, you will ba amazed how many you will collect in the skimmer basket.  We also found the blighters were making nests under the overhang of tiles on the top of the garden walls and around the roof of the house , also inside building blocks, so every morning before the sun comes up I now check for new nests and give a good spray with a good quality fly/wasp spray, over the past month we have seen a good reduction in wasps in the pool.  Hope this is of some help.    Chingo

Thread: Help! Major Wasp Problem

28 Jun 2008 11:54:

You dont mention where you are buying Toddie, we are moving inland Murcia just over the border onto a new project as well could be the same place although there are a few news places springing up in the area, we are on Finca Parcs, if it is the same we have our own forum on here as well so drop in and see us.  Chingo

Thread: Buying Inland Murcia


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