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01 Nov 2013 12:06 PM:

An email address would be useful. I accept that they're a very good site and generally very accurate, but I'm not in Spain at the moment and I'm not paying an international call to help them correct an article which was well below their usual standards of research.

Thread: MJV Winter Flights - Don't Believe Murcia Today!

01 Nov 2013 11:52 AM:

Considering their site doesn't accept comments and their contact page asks all sorts of details like what company I work for I generally think they aren't that welcoming of feedback.

Thread: MJV Winter Flights - Don't Believe Murcia Today!

01 Nov 2013 10:00 AM:

Murcia Today are running a story today on winter flights to/from Murcia San Javier:


I've no idea where they did their research, but a quick glance at the MJV website confirms that the only Ryanair flights over the winter are from Dublin, Luton, Stansted and Manchester, not the long list on Murcia Today. In fact there are only 9 destinations being served in in total, yet Murcia Today suggest that Ryanair alone are running 10 destinations.They also suggest Jet2 are flying over the winter from five destinations, but they're actually only flying from Manchester and Leeds/Bradford.

Despite the suggestion on the story, it's going to be another quiet winter at Murcia San Javier.

Thread: MJV Winter Flights - Don't Believe Murcia Today!

22 Aug 2013 8:50 AM:

"But I do wish that those who choose to fly RyanAir would get over the need to shout it from the rooftops."

This thread was actually started by someone who doesn't like Ryanair, and wanted to have another whinge about them, which seems to be the reason we get so many comments on the subject, not Ryanair customers shouting anything. I'm quite happy paying considerably less by travelling with Ryanair than using Jet2 which are my alternative, while others pay more and use Jet2. Jet2 are always considerably more expensive than Ryanair when I've checked. On the few occasions I have flown with Jet2 they have been delayed every time and the flight time was considerably longer, presumably due to their aged fleet. Ryanair customers aren't stupid or "allow themselves to be treated with contempt", but we do tend to have a bit more spending cash in our pockets.


03 Jun 2013 6:51 PM:

It's true that an airport offering lower landing fees would take the airline business, who will just go to the most cost effective one. The problem is that this is unlikely to be Corvera.  The 200 million euros which has been loaned by the banks was based on a business plan which presumed that Corvera would carry about two and a half times the flights and customers that San Javier currently has. So it's unlikely that any operator could take the current San Javier patronage on lower landing fees and make the whole thing stack up to pay back the banks. That's the problem with using private finance to build public infrastructure.

Thread: corvera airport


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