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20 Jan 2021 12:16:

Dave, not sure your plan makes any sense. 

You must be in a position to give your professional advisor some meaningful parameters, particularly the location.  At the very least you must undertake some research yourself to be sure of the region that suits you.  But better still the actual town or urbanisation you fancy.

Otherwise, in practical terms how can you compare the results? - you're unlikely to want to visit each one - Spain is a big place and the price differences are massive, even within regions.

You may be better off looking at some TV programmes like episodes of "Homes in the Sun" to start the process, before you make some trips yourself.   In reality employing an Advisor is probably several years off - when you begin to have a handle on what you think you want. 

Thread: Property Finders - worth the money?

15 Jan 2021 20:56:

RayinSpain, if you make a few trips in the year it's very difficult to plan without using the Schengen calculator - I know I've tried and failed. 

I've now formed a rolling annual template - starting with the period that I really wish to be in Spain, working backwards.

For me this year should be easier as there's no use of the Jan, Feb March months due to Covid - these can impinge on allowance for the summer months.

In time the Spanish may relax the rules, who knows?  Of course they are bad news all round.


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Thread: 90 days

07 Jan 2021 18:49:

Hi Dunny,

Sorry I cannot help, but for me a very reasonable question (we do have a few crusty folk on this forum, but most are usually pleasant).

Good luck

Thread: Volunteer work

02 Jan 2021 13:50:

Thanks for yours - sorry to hear of the health issues of your family - I assume there's not any insurance to call upon (cancellation & curtailment etc).

From what you say it appears you've acted reasonably given the circumstances.

I agree you're best of not mentioning your date of departure - that might focus their efforts to your detriment. 

From the landlords perspective they will be doubly upset if the apartment is not left in a pristine condition.  You might consider arranging a professional clean - the cost should be less than €100 and that might avoid any lingering hostility - just a thought.


Thread: Early termination of long term lease

02 Jan 2021 11:24:

Hi Daniel,

Not a good situation, but I would say that if you are as reasonable as possible you should not have a long term problem.  

Is your landlord Spanish?  If so that's a reasonable start as they do not tend to be as officious and more family orientated so may be more understanding.  You've probably paid a deposit which you'll forfeit, but that may be all you lose, plus any furnishings etc that you are obliged to leave at the apartment.

Personally I would be upfront with your landlord, but don't offer anything more than you intend to do.  But he/she may respond positively to this - the last thing you want is a difficult situation when you should be going to the airport.

You should not be at risk of a criminal record as this is a civil matter.  You never know but I doubt if the landlord will seek to have you listed on any debtors records.  But if this happens it will likely to be limited to Spain only and for a limited period.

I realise you say that the landlord is demanding you pay it all, but they would - probably just "tongue in cheek".  Many landlord's will see this as just a usual trading hazard.   The lease will not say you are obliged to pay in advance either.  Of course, at the very least you need to ensure that the rent is paid up to date when you leave.

The rental market in Spain is of course quiet at this time of year and generally picks up at Easter - your landlord will know this.

You do not specify the reason for your early departure, it is a longshot, but you may wish to check and travel insurance cover you hold.  The wordings vary considerably but there is a small chance that the policy may offer an indemnity to you depending on the actual cause.

You may also consider an early conversation with your Embassy just in case your landlord decides to be unreasonable.  

Good luck.



Thread: Early termination of long term lease


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