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14 May 2008 00:00 by billandann Star rating in BENALMADENA. 46 forum posts Send private message

I have just finished talking on the phone to Maria Ruiz at the Molina office and explained to her all the mixed feelings being shown on this forum. She assured me that Grupo Trampolin is not in the process of going bankrupt and that she is still getting her wages on a regular basis. The situation with the hold up in starting the building is, as most of us already knew, that they are still awaiting ratification of the decision to urbanise the land.   GT´s lawyers apparently are constantly contacting the Campos del Rio town hall to give a date when this can be done. As soon as it is then the building work can start. I also explained to Maria about this forum and she said she will try to post something herself to try to put peoples minds at rest and, you never know, we might get a few words from El Presidente.

In the meantime we look forward to meeting you all as neighbours when this mess is finally sorted.

Regards to all

Bill and Ann

Block 4,   Granada,   Phase 1                                             


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15 May 2008 08:10 by AP007 Star rating in London. 29 forum posts Send private message

Hi all please see the latest update I received today on the project

"I have read the article and some of the things are correct and some others incorrect. The land is not protected green land at all. Indeed land had not even agricultural use. The truth is that the regional government has expressed its will to approve definitely the project because they consider the project has all the necessary approvals to get the final one, but they need first that a meeting with a vote takes place in the town hall in Campos del R?o. So the things are blocked in the town hall as the mare does not want to vote for being afraid of a future investigation as a results of all the denounces made by the party in the opposition (even when the moment this present mare started his charge, the previous mare had already approved provisionally the project and 95% of the approvals had been carried out).

I would like you to be accurately informed so I can tell you that my company has been this morning in the superior court of justice in Murcia to denounce the present mare and the person in the opposition party for blocking the project for reasons which are not clear, as the mare and the town hall are not fulfilling the agreement they signed in 2005, and which is causing a lot of damage to the company both economical and of prestige. This denounce will be known tomorrow and the company hopes the town hall will react and offer a solution.

Many bad things are being said at the moment in several forums but I can tell the company is doing its best to solve this problem. They speak about financial problems and bankrupt. I have information from first hand and I can tell you that although some adjusts have been done, such as closing some offices which were not efficient (very high rental and no profits). The people working there are now working in other offices, so I think this means nothing.

I see that some clients are very concerned and are calling others to get together and denounce. I think that everybody is free to decide, but of course after knowing the truth and not a distorted truth.

What else can I say? I keep on hopping things will soon be solved because this is a very big project."

So don't see this as a dead duck just yet. I have asked for an update on the high court ruling and will post it when received.

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