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19 Dec 2011 00:00 by chaddyowl Star rating in Manchester. 1264 forum posts Send private message

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Had a big problem with mains fuse box where fire could have happened!!!

Can I just ask that you all check the mains boxes in your apartments to ensure that all wires are tightened up into the breakers and not loose like ours was and so having to replace whole lot!!!

Not scare mongering here but it is a safety issue and a fire could ensue if yours is the same shoddy Polaris workmanship.

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15 Jan 2012 20:30 by welshwizard Star rating in Lincolnshire & Jardi.... 137 forum posts Send private message


while I fully appreciate you have had an unfortunate and potentially very serious incident at your property, as a professional electrician, I would strongly advise people to take extreme care if they intend to follow your advice.

Please folks, if you don't know exactly what you are doing, DO NOT take the cover off your consumer unit and go poking around inside it, trying to tighten up terminations.

I'm not going to patronise or play the 'health and safety' card, but you are talking about lethal voltages here. If you believe you have a similar problem to Chaddyowl, please either consult a qualified professional, or at the VERY LEAST, switch the whole consumer unit off BEFORE you start poking screwdrivers around inside it.


Love like you've never been hurt, work like you don't need the money and...

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16 Jan 2012 09:58 by mgk Star rating in Penthouse 2. 241 forum posts Send private message

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 Sensible advice, as on previous threads on here mainly lighting issues I urged people to have their lighting installations checked after finding several installations with metal case fittings with the Earth wire NOT connected. Added to the problems suffered by Chaddyowl one wonders if in fact these apartments where tested on completion


www.condadoelectricalservices.com        condadoes@live.co.uk

tel.605 832  795

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