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22 Jul 2011 00:00 by Barni Star rating in Mijas Costa. 27 forum posts Send private message

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Hi,  I have just driven around La Condesa and see all of the empty Town Houses up there!  I have contact and they have told me that they are all rented out/sold!  Does anyone know of any up there that are available for long term rent?


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30 Jul 2011 09:22 by gill_malouf Star rating in Stockport, Cheshire. 200 forum posts Send private message

 Hi, the developers are not known for being very honest! I , along with many others can vouch for that! This site is rarely visited many owners pulled out due to long delays and not being contacted about events etc...that's why there are so many empty properties...non completion.


The build should have finished in December 2005, when Majestic (Sol Mijas Developers) were involved...after Interealty went into liquidation (originial developers). Banco Pastor funded the build and are one of the banks not honouring Sanish law, as they have not paid my deposit back to me. Until these people tell the truth I would not trust any of them!!   

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15 Oct 2011 18:27 by gondo Star rating. 6 forum posts Send private message

hi gill we to have been at it for 8years and have won two court cases in 2010 we were told by our solicitors that it would just mean the judge would appoint evaluator to put a value on it and then put it up for auction,we are still waiting,of couse hes had his money and dosnt seem bothered it stinks, we are both in our seventies  now but what can we do  there must be lots of people in this situation  but they will not rush, the court has put what they call a lien on the property so at least we know it cant be that off my chest      gondo

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