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Under Construction

I try to help about problems you have before, during and after you build or reform your house, commerce, establishment... The arquitect, constructor, townhall, licenses...

2.2 Alterations at home. No thank´s… Quality
26 March 2012

I think that´s the most important we should bear in mind in this works. Quality works wont give us problems at least for 20 years. A bad quality work will be in your life for the same 20 years. What do you prefer?

We can distinguish between quality in materials and quality labor.

To make sure you employ quality labor, try to have a look to another works they have built, or better, try to speak with their employers to have good references.

Let my advise you: When the same person works as a bricklayer, plumber, electrician, carpenter… Be sure no one can play all the games ( Peter Shilton was a fantastic goalkeeper, but never would make goals like Gary Lineker).

 Quality material is related with a good labor too. You can´t demand a good collocation of a tile if it´s not really plan.

 For quality in materials try to involve yourself in buying them. Don´t be guided only for price or aesthetic. Have a look to specifications: You´ll find the tolerances, joint distances, outdoor or indoor use, heat absorption  for outside pool floors, kind of cement needed….

Materials have a two year guarantee, but you´ll need to prove you putted as specifications recommend.

Most materials needs CE mark : Windows, tiles, bricks,  cement… And the list in construction increase monthly. Demand it if needed.

Nowadays due to “crisis” competition is fierce to obtain jobs. Some builders downs in quality to make better offers.

For example, when you buy tiles, they can be ceramic or porcelanic. The porcelanic are now fashionable (and expensive), but to stick them you need a special cement adhesive due its poor absortion capacity and it costs 10 € / 25 Kg sack. Meanwhile the conventional adhesive costs 3€/sack. Look at the specifications!Some buiders don´t buy the first one and save money but you will have problems probably past 4 or 5 years and you won´t know why ( Oh!Mistake , you will know because you read me...Better! You won´t have problems because you read me before doing your house.

Another example: Narrow pipes are cheaper but if the diameter isn´t big enough you will have noise problems in you bath. It will be the same if stopcocks are bad.Each material will need a diameter, it´s not the same for copper, PVC,PPR,... Due it´s internal texture.

 Remember: Always demand detailed estimates with material specifications to avoid problems.

P.D: Hamilton 1- Magic Alonso 1.

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2.1 Alterations at home. No thank´s, don´t like nightmares
20 March 2012

 It´s in fact spanish constructors don´t have good reputation. I don´t think so, but when we are talking about minor works... That´s other world.

Also minor works are frecuently, so we have to be carefull.
The three aspects we must think about :
1)     Costs
2)     Quality
3)     Time
Let´s try to speak about Costs:
It appears in first place but believe me if I tell you is no the most important. Ask your friends or neighbours if prefer have payed a bit more and save problems.
When you want to buy a Camera, a pair of shoes or a lettuce there´s a reference price you´ll find. Sometimes will cost a bit more or if you obtain a reduction, a 5-10 % less.
However estimates in construction oscillate about +- 30 % easily. So you must order at least three different estimates to make sure you are not swindled.
Is important to request detailed estimates, with prices on every item. Frecuently Constructors don´t give it detailed. They only give the total amount. Don´t be naive.  A total amount  is always on the side of constructor :
-          If there are aditional works ( For example more m2 of tile than initial ) he can charge whatever he want because you don´t know the price of a m2.
-          You could not negotiate or recontract with other the expensive items because you don´t know item prices.
-          You could not compare unless all the aspirants have estimate the same reform with the same kind of tile, paving, pipes. If any item is different you could not compare the other because you don´t know prices.
As much detailed will be your estimate, the less you´ll be surprised. Every written item is objective. Every not written is subjective, you´ll say it was included and the constructor will say no.
In the estimate must be indicated if taxes and licenses are or are not included (projects too). Every work need at least minor works license and if you need a container for rubble you will need a license for street occupation.
Finally, for estimates such as 2.000 € or more you should consider to contract a freelance local Arquitecto Técnico. Every visit of him will increase your costs in 30 or 50 €, but now the constructor will know he can´t cheat you, can´t drop quality and can´t be late because is controlled for an expert. You´ll save money and will not be bad surprised.
Next post….Quality and times.
P.D: Hamilton 1- Alonso 0, but it´s only the first battle.
(Sorry for my bad English)

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1. Spanish legal kinds of building works
15 March 2012


 In Spain when you want to make building works you should differenciate on MINOR and MAJOR works.


Building works don´t affect to the main parts of the building as the structure or the facade Ex:  Renovate bathroom, kitchen, change partitions, painting,...

The legal conditions depends on every townhall:

In Murcia the m2 of partitions you can build is limited to 22 m2 but   in Valencia, Orihuela, Yecla,Lorquí… It´s not limited.

Some townhalls requests a technician to verify and response of the works

Some Corporations typify façade works as minor, other as major works.

Abstracting: Most works we make to reform our house or commerce if it don´t affect structure or global outside aspect


The rest of building works. Ex: Build new houses, Total renovation in buildings including facades…

There´s other important differences:

3. TIME to obtain licenses:

MINOR: Immediate or 2 or 3 weeks.  In minor work if you don´t obtain your license you can have problems to obtain container for rubble and can be sanctioned.

MAJOR: 4 or 6…12 Months It dependes on the desire to work of the feared  Spanish functionary 

4. COSTS AND NEEDS: (Not including working budget )

MINOR: Taxes: 4 % of Working budget.

Technician: Most of townhall don´t requires technician for this works but if it could be needed to make some visa plans or and estimate of the works. The costs depends of the project needed.

MAYOR: Taxes: 4 % of working budget

                Technicians: For example a new family house: (not in edifice)

                               Project: Made for an Arquitect

                               Dirección de obra: (supervising Works): Normally made for  the same arquitect

Dirección de ejecución:  Other control and supervising works. Need an “Arquitecto Técnico” (as I am)

Seguridad y salud :  (safe and healty in construction works) :  Need an “Arquitecto Técnico”, for a project and a coordination at works,  normaly the same as  the previous.

                Deposit: The townhall will require a deposit for damages in the street

 It´s very difficult speaking about exact costs, I can analyze yours if you want. If you have some estimates for your minor or mayor work and want me to check it , I can do it in private message for free.

If the working is to open a commerce,bar,restaurant, you will need also an Activity Project for an Activity license and another tax for Activities but that will be other post…

Sorry about this boring post and my bad English… I accept corrections to improve it.


 In attention to previous comment this is the aplication form to minor works in Valencia:$file/31.46-148_lic%20menores%20viviendas%20R.pdf?openElement



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0.The starting grid
14 March 2012

Hi everyone,
I´m so excited to write here.
 First of all I Should introduce me. My name is Manuel Cerezo. I´m Arquitecto Técnico. This is Spanish profession needed to carry out a building construction with an Arquitect and the constructor.
The reason I decided to create this blog is to help anybody that have problems related to construction.
If you have a offer to build your house or making reform and want to know if it´s expensive…Please, feel free to ask.
If you are in troubles to obtain your license house…Please, feel free to ask.
I´ll try to create posts with the most common troubles we will treat.


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