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The Oldest Establishment in Spain
31 May 2018 @ 23:37


Opposite the Cathedral of Seville, in the heart of the Andalusian capital, Las Escobas is a living testimony of the history of Seville. There are writings that rate it as the oldest tavern in Spain, founded in the 14th Century, when it was also grocery shop, where wine was sold and brooms were made and hung from the ceiling.

The Antigua Taberna de Las Escobas dates back to 1386, making it the oldest establishment in Spain. It specialises in Andalusian cuisine: Prize-winner for Creative Tapas and Catering Merits.

The oldest tavern in Spain is named after an old basket weaver, who served and made the brooms or "escobas" by hand, which hang from the ceiling. Now it has two air-conditioned dining rooms and an open-air terrace, although you can feel the history of the establishment in the air. 



People from all walks of life used to come to the Antigua Taberna de Las Escobas, including famous writers, poets and artists from different periods: Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Bécquer, Dumas, Lord Byron, Santiago Montoto and the Álvarez Quintero brothers, who today give their name to the street where more this age-old establishment is to be found.

Nowadays, the Antigua Taberna de Las Escobas serves a great variety of dishes and tapas typical of the varied gastronomy of Andalusia and the Mediterranean. 


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Falcón said:
01 June 2018 @ 16:57

LOVE, it is really beautiful and old with charm. A place for eating more comfortable I LOVE!!
I would like to go there.

Ramo maza said:
15 June 2019 @ 23:29

Just ate here without realizing the history. Holy cow!

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