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Marbella Life

I am new to Marbella. This blog will be about my personal experience of the life and the people of this beautiful, though expensive, place.

26 January 2014 @ 15:59

I have unwelcome visitors in my home. :(  They arrived suddenly, hundreds of them! They are everywhere: kitchen cupboards, fridge, even crawling out of my PC printer. I have no idea why they chose me: as far as I am aware, none of my neighbours ( I live in an apartment) are troubled with them. I am beside myself!  I called someone specializing in this sort of thing and he quoted 250€ to get rid of them; just for spraying round and laying a few traps.  Well, 250€ might seem like peanuts to most here, but unfortunately this fee, for treating my one-room studio, I think, is way too much.  I've looked on-line and I have discovered how dangerous roaches can be to your health; and my health is, indeed, not as good as it could be. I am now in the process of working out how to get rid of these disgusting things myself.  Wish me luck!  If anyone can offer good advice it would be much appreciated.

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