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My Travels Through Spain

I've lived in Spain for many years and have been enjoying travelling this vast country during that time. My blog looks at some of my favourite places in Spain and with, hopefully, some great top tips for you should you wish to visit them yourself.

Seville - It gets (very) hot
16 July 2012 @ 18:04

Welcome to my first blog post about my travel around Spain.

Having just last week been in Seville, sort of enjoying the lovely city, I thought I'd start with a post about this most fabulous of cities in Spain.

When I say "sort of enjoying" I mean that you need to pick the right time to visit Seville.  July and August are NOT the months to enjoy a day there.   It's just so incredibly boiling all the time with little respite from the searing heat.

I had been before but the last time was in November. I stayed there for a weekend with my wife and we just fell in love with the city.  The temperature in November is very comfortable, unless you get a heavy rain day, so it leaves you able to explore the entire city without fear of your shoes melting.


Maybe last week I just felt the heat more as I had just returned from a trip to Scotland and flew into Seville airport.  I picked up my Seville airport hire car and as I pulled out of the airport car park I read on the dashboard of the car that the temperature was an incredible 42 degrees.

Not one to let anything stand in my way I made my way into the city centre and parked up for the day.

Despite the heat, I did manage to see a few more things from this useful guide to 85 things to see in Seville.  

I tried the Restaurante Miramar which was on the list and I wasn't disappointed.  Wonderful seafood in a great location by the hot beach.  To escape the heat I decided to head for the museum of flamenco dance which is definitely worth a visit and then finished the day off have a beer at La Fabrica de Cerveza where they make their own beer.  There's nothing like an ice cold beer on a hot day.

Don't get me wrong, I rate Seville very highly in my most favourite places in Spain but I'm not sure it's an enjoyable in the summer months.

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