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Thoughts of Eggcup

I find myself wondering about things sometimes and want to see if others feel the same.

Life is hard. You're a liar if you say it's not.
23 April 2014 @ 16:11

I read today that Buddhists believe we have no right to expect happiness in this life; instead, it is best to view life as an endurance test with the aim being to get through it while causing as little hurt as possible to other people.

I like that. It can make you  feel  less of a failure, if you view life like that; less like you've made the wrong decisions in life - the idea that no chosen path would be easy, that the grass isn't greener.

Some people present their lives as though they were easy, however and this I find very unhelpful. Nigella Lawson was a case in point,  with her fabulous staged dinner parties. Why couldn't I have that lovely life with the canapes, the champagne, the twinkling Christmas lights, mingling amongst my interesting and vivacious friends? (We later find out people were paid to to be her 'friends' and the filming was in a studio and not her house and she had a miserable marriage).

I've also had friends who do the Nigella thing. And because I can't stand all that posing I don't want to bother with them. If you can't have a genuine, honest connection with someone, why waste your time with them? One life and you spend it putting on an act and competing, trying to prove your lifestyle is better than that of others? So I've ended up a bit friendless; it may be a temporary or permanent state. Who knows? It may also be my inevitable fate as a full-time mother who focuses her energies on the family and thereby becomes a bit isolated.*

So I believe that life is difficult (for everyone) and those who pretend it isn't are liars.

And that concludes my thought of the day.

*I have to add that it has annoyed me no end this week to read more than one article written by women journalists - saying they 'prefer to work' rather than 'not work' - they define full-time mothers as 'non-workers', rather than unpaid workers.  And yet childminders are workers? What a load of old-fashioned nonsense. They play right into the hands of the patriarchy when they put down other women's contributions in that insidious way.


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ArthurTheGreat said:
23 April 2014 @ 23:52

Hi eggcup. I think your bloggs are absoloutely amazing, they're all honest, not fake trying to portray Spain as a heaven. My experience was shit pardon my french.

eggcup said:
25 April 2014 @ 09:53

Thanks Arthur. I thought this one would be a bit controversial and that a few people would comment that their lives are like paradise and trouble-free and I also thought a few would have a go at me for being a feminist (holding the radical view that women and men are of equal value). It goes to show that I can never judge which of my posts will get people all worked-up and which will pass without so much as a whimper.

jsevanbergen said:
26 April 2014 @ 16:58

Yes, life can be hard, but it's full of ups and downs.
My philosophy is to try and smooth my path in any way I can. I don't like housework, gardening or cooking every day, so I don't do them. I pay others to do it, and go and do what I like doing, working.
I say screw work, play for money, i.e. work at what you enjoy. Just be yourself, and be happy with those that like you as you are, and don't give a damn about how you appear to others. If you succeed in looking like you 'have it all' people will either envy you or hate you, so live YOUR life the way that suits you and yours without a care for 'appearances'.

eggcup said:
26 April 2014 @ 20:15

I just found a pertinent quote from Emma Bridgewater, who has a successful pottery business and has just written her autobiography: 'I have a strong feeling that if you pretend there's no shade, there's no dark, you do a disservice to the sisterhood.' I agree with that completely.

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