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How to Watch UK TV in Spain and How to Save Money on BBC & ITV Live TV
16 July 2017 @ 13:51

Watching UK TV, or TV from your own home country in Spain, is a major pre-occupation of many expats. Of course, there are many companies out there which are happy to stream your favorite shows to you, but they can work out very expensive in the long run, and may not even provide the most stabile platforms. There are various options available, and you may even find yourself purchasing a Kodi box on eBay, or from a local supplier here in Spain.

Kodi boxes are fine, but local suppliers tend to come and go. Once the local supplier is gone, you may find yourself trying to handle updates and new services, on your own. If you are a little bit older, it may not be so easy to get your head around your Kodi box, so it is a better idea to check out the alternatives to Kodi. There are some doubts about the legal aspects of Kodi streaming. It seems to be changing all of the time, but the European Court of Justice, has indeed ruled that streaming is illegal. You will find that many ISP providers in Spain, are being encouraged to block streaming services, and this could eventually lead to the loss of your UK TV service.

The quality of Kodi is a bit poor at times, and if you have a nice TV, what is the point sitting there watching poor quality images? Poor quality streams, and unreliable streams, is the main reason why a lot of people are beginning to ditch Kodi.

Should you invest in a Smart TV? It could be a good time to invest in an Internet TV. They have come down in price during 2017, and are likely to fall even further. The good thing about Internet TVs, also known as Smart TVs is that they are easy to use, and if you use the right services, you can enjoy both quality picture and excellent programming. Just like a computer, they have an operating system, and you can choose in between Android and Web OS.

Of course, you an also subscribe to different TV networks. One of the best ones around at the moment in Netflix. It is great for series and movies, and you can set up individual user accounts for family members. Mom and dad can have their own account, and the younger members of the family, can also have their own accounts. You can choose in between 3 plans, and with the premium plan, you can watch TV on 4 screens at the same time. I have Netflix and I do like it. You don't sign a contract, and you can stop it any time. Ideal if you go back to the UK during the summer, or a long cruise.

IPTV streaming services are excellent, and this is the best way to watch live TV. The picture quality is really good, and the back up from suppliers is normally very good. I have been using it for a couple of months, and love the fact that you can watch current news programs. On top of that, you also have your BBC and ITV channels plus along with many others such as Discovery. Once again, it is good to have some support, and make sure that you sign up with a supplier who has a good quality back up service. There are various plans you can sign up to various plans. Lifetime IPTV would you only 99 euros.

Check out all the special offers which are available on Smart TVs in the shops. And yes, and Internet TV is the same thing as a Smart TV.


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