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I am positive about the property Spanish market. I believe it's still a good one for investors and people who want to have a place in Spain. The good point of the current crisis is that prices still have a way to drop. Probably we will see better opportunities for everybody.

Sales Fall by 31.8% (February) and Prices on the Coast by 34.9%
13 April 2012 @ 00:45

 Property sales in Spain and property prices keep dropping in Spain. According  to the National Institute of Statistics, the number of sales dropped by 31.8% in February 2012 (30.745 properties were sold) compared with February 2011.


According to the Spanish property index firm TINSA, the average price in the Spanish property market dropped by 11.5% in March 2012 compared with the same month in 2011. The last TINSA report also highlights that property prices in the Mediterranean Coast have fallen by 34.9% since the “bubble burst”.  The main cities experienced a fall of 12.6% in the last year, having a total average drop of 30.8% since 2007.



Dramatic Spanish prices fall in 2011 and 2012


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EVENTO said:
14 April 2012 @ 20:24

My question is, how much further are the prices in Spain going to fall ?? and does anyone have any information on particular areas,ie The Baleric Islands and The Canary Islands ?
Have they been affected to the same degree, I get the impression that they have´nt but am not sure. Any information or links.

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