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I am positive about the property Spanish market. I believe it's still a good one for investors and people who want to have a place in Spain. The good point of the current crisis is that prices still have a way to drop. Probably we will see better opportunities for everybody.

2011 was the worst year for Spanish Property -Map of prices December 2011
03 January 2012 @ 23:32

The Spanish property market has closed its poorest year since the 60s in terms of new houses being built: less than 60,000 in 2011 according to official figures.

In terms of prices,the market is still going down. According to the Minister of Public Works, property prices has dropped by 5.2% in 2011.


The link of this article takes you to a very useful map of Spanish house prices with average figures per square metre in each region and each postcode (properties built before 2010).The data corresponds to December 2011

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Mike said:
07 January 2012 @ 16:01

Until he Spanish sort out the issues with illegal properties or so called legal properties that are treated as illegal, sort out compensation for people who have purchased these properties and rebuild foreigners confidence in the Spanish property market (10 to 15 years... at least) then things might change substantially but the problem is the Spanish have killed this form of foreign investment themselves and are making absolutely no effort to fix it, NONE what so ever, zero interest. People who have invested all of their retirement money in this country only to find their home pulled down illegally and they have had to live in a garage!!!! still not sorted out, I wonder what confidence the Spanish seem to think this gives to other investors of property in their country? Why do these people think that putting milk in a carton and advertising it as 'passed sell by date' makes it a sellable product! I know what advice I would give anyone wanting to buy property here, DON'T... you life, your time and your retirement are more important than taking a chance in a country where the governemnt have no interest in their investors are ripped off by people who are self righteously greedy, lacking compassion and try to suck every drop of money they can out of other humans with only one interest and that is of getting richer. They seem not to understand they cannot con people in todays age and just carry on without fixing the problem, they just complain that no one is buying and then continue to try and con people. The Spanish need to understand that in todays age everyone knows about people who con others, word spreads, social networks spread the word, YouTube spreads the word.
No disrespect meant to the Spanish but you have to ask yourself what level of intelligence is needed to understand this? they are destroying their own countries economy by not being content on half killing the goose that laid the golden egg but are trying to beat the last signs of life out of it at the same time and they look at you and ask 'why is this dam animal not laying any more eggs?', how clear can this be made to them!

Some Spanish I have spoken to say 'we do not need British here!, 'we want better tourists!', I agree there have been some fairly low life here from what I have seen demonstrated on the streets here but what they don't seem to understand is that what they have is mostly built off British tourism, they think their economy will be supported by their own countryfolk, this is the level if ignorance of these people... what hope is there for them?

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