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I am positive about the property Spanish market. I believe it's still a good one for investors and people who want to have a place in Spain. The good point of the current crisis is that prices still have a way to drop. Probably we will see better opportunities for everybody.

Full costs breakdown of purchasing a house in Spain with cases to study
04 March 2011 @ 17:26

Hello everybody,

Our legal adviser, Andrés Díez Bronzini, has prepared what I consider an exceptional document about the total costs of purchasing a house in Spain. He has done a good job.  This is a 16-page document which is very useful for both professionals and home buyers, with cases to study and full cost breakdowns in rigorous detail.

The intention of the guide is to describe two cases (firstly, purchase of a new apartment; secondly, purchase of a second- hand apartment) is to describe the different cost items.

We have set it up in our website to be received by email. If you are interested just visit the link: Free legal guide Spanish Property

Ps: we are not spammers so do not worry about leaving your email if you are interested in the PDF.



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