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eco friendly building in spain

so...bought the house in near ceuvas (almeria), now to get it up to some sort of eco friendly standard and add an extension and pool.

eco building products sourcing in spain
09 March 2010

spain, it seems is a bit slow on the uptake of building to be eco freindly and carbon footprint aware. that is my first impression and sort of confirmed at the recent ecobuild exhibition @ Earls Court. Had a short chat to a spaniard on their stands and he confirmed i would need to buy the products in the UK, put them on a lorry and take them to spain. in a sense just the transport alone partly negates the carbon credentials.

there must be folks out there can tell me otherwise. ICF's and SIPS, GLULAM, METAL WEB JOISTS and stuff are on my agenda along with THERMALSTORES , UFH, SOLAR PANELS (spain has got those) and PV's.

if you are involved with this stuff you will recognise the acronyms. is anyone else interested in this and will i be looked upon favourably by the local mayor for my permissions?

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