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If you've seen "The Secret", then you'll know who Bob Doyle is -
15 July 2008 @ 15:12

Hi there, I hope this might be of interest to anyone who feels like a challenge, or needs help in developing their plans for the future. I received this invite from Bob Doyle because I joined up as a member of "The Secret" a while back. This is not anything that will cost you money, just one more cool idea that bob has dreamed up!
Here is the letter, check out the site -

For the past 6 years since the inception of the Wealth
Beyond Reason program, I've been talking about the
importance of living a life of purpose and passion,
because doing so helps the Law of Attraction to work
nearly effortlessly in your life in terms of attracting
what you want.
Of course living a life of passion and abundance is why
people join our program in the first place. This is a
core desire of nearly everyone!
We are now inviting students of our program AND those
who are NOT yet students to take on our new Boundless
Living 45-day Challenge.
With thousands of dollars in prizes in the offering,
and NO entry fee, this challenge will allow you to step
OUT of your comfort zone and allow you do things
you never thought possible.
Nearly all of us have SOMETHING that we "wish" we could
do or be, but are stopped - either by limiting beliefs,
issues of deserving, or some other form of resistance.
The Wealth Beyond Reason program is all about how to
deal with all those blocks, but now we want to make
this type of information available to any and all who
are willing to take on the life they've always dreamed
Check out all the details here:
Again, there is NO cost, and no obligation to purchase
anything or join any program. We are offering a safe,
supportive environment for you to dream big, and then
REALIZE those dreams.
Things are moving very fast on this (just do a Google
search on Boundless Living Challenge, and you'll see
it's everywhere already!)

Lots of PRIZES Tooo!!

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