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I came across Spanish Property Finders and Developers after going to Spain on many occasions chasing the return of my deposits on some failed off-plan developments. I found that you can get some good deals in Spain right now due to the adverse market conditions. I was representing our Action Group seeking the return of our deposit funds through Spanish Solicitors when I came across some spanish real estate deals that we could have only dreamed of when we put our deposits down on our off-plan properties. I asked the Action Group if anyone was still interested in buying in Spain and 25% of them said they were, especially since there are some good deals around right now. This blog gives some of the information I have been obtaining to pass on to our Action Group members.

Polaris World and Paramount
21 January 2011 @ 13:39

On my travels over there I called up to Polaris World to take a more detailed look around that development. I suppose nearly everyone has heard of that from the extensive advertising that was done several years ago just before the property crash! I met with one of the directors of the company because I explained ot him that I was representing a group of people who had lost their deposit funds on a failed off-plan development and some were looking to invest in a property in Spain still...mostly because of the reduces prices that can be had now at say 50% of what they were at the peak.

Well Polaris World of course is no exception so I thought I could look at that to see what was on offer. It has been a while now as it was around end of November time when I was there.

I was keen at that time to understand what was happening also with the new Corvera airport and the development of the theme park branded by Paramount Pictures. Nothing was presented as confirmed at that time but i have seen a few postings recently about this being confirmed now.

Anyway, the same director just rang me up to see if I have anyone interested. To be honest i have not got around to letting people know about it yet but I suppose I should do that now. It came to my mind that there will be others out there interested in this development too so I thought I would blog about the phone call today.

There are many Polaris World agents out there but I have a contact direct with the Polaris World head office if anyone wants to take advantage of it. Just contact me direct and I will give you the details or get them to contact you.

I also asked him to give me an update on the Paramount situation so I will pass that on as soon as I get that information.

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Hugh said:
21 January 2011 @ 21:14

Take a look here for very good info on Paramount

Bear in mind that many of the original Polaris World sites have now changed hands after the banks bailed them out. There are lots of resales available on many of the Polaris and other sites in the region.

KoS999 said:
22 January 2011 @ 01:05

Thanks Hugh. That is correct, it has got a little confusing. However, I know Polaris World still deal with the resales on these sites that they no longer own. Of course people need to be briefed to ask for those as well otherwise I am sure Polaris would rather sell a new one of theirs than a resale of someone elses. People who go really need to get briefed on what the situation is and how to ensure they get the choice. I fear that when people go unprepared with some Agents then they will be guided according to highest commission payable to that Agent.
Almost a subject for another blog!

phil said:
22 January 2011 @ 23:10

Polaris actually own very few apartments at the reosrt, the majority are owned by various banks. The banks are also offering far lower prices than Polaris, so go to them direct. the best deals are beein offered by banco popular and cam.

Simon said:
23 January 2011 @ 09:06

Hugh, you might also want to check out Corvera Golf & Country Club ? It is the nearest golf resort community to the new Corvera Airport but unlike many of the other resorts in the area it will not be overflown by aircraft because of the Sierra de Carrascoy mountains that run along the northwest edge of the resort. Re-Sales are offered at fantastic prices by the developer and other agents like Calida International Properties.

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