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Keep up to date with all the latest news from Spain as it happens. The blog will be updated constantly throughout the day bringing you all the latest stories as they break.

What's new at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2024?
Thursday, February 29, 2024 @ 7:57 AM

A FIRM annual fixture for fans of the latest technology, the Barcelona-based Mobile World Congress (MWC) never fails to blow visitors' minds with creations they didn't know they needed. And these cutting-edge inventions are not just about ever-more sophisticated mobile phones and similar gadgetry – the futuristic concepts showcased cover all areas of life and work in a bid to make both as easy as possible. In 2019, the MWC even unveiled 'smart hives' for beekeepers.

Sponsors' banners at the entrance to the Mobile World Congress venue (photo:

Running until Thursday (February 29) inclusive, and looking set to remain in Barcelona year after year for the foreseeable future, here are some of the fascinating exhibits uncovered at the MWC 2024 so far.


Xiaomi SU7 electric car: Recharge for 200 kilometres in five minutes

Known as the 'Chinese Apple', Xiaomi is now seeking to become the 'Chinese Tesla' with its whizzy SU7. Electric, of course, and with a battery that will last you for 800 kilometres (500 miles) once fully charged, which takes just 20 minutes; a quarter-recharged in five minutes will be enough for most daily errands and medium-length journeys.

An electric car that goes from nought to 100 kilometres per hour in under three seconds, the Xiaomi SU7 is set to compete with Tesla (photo: @Xiaomi on Twitter)

From zero to 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour) in 2.78 seconds, the Xiaomi SU7 can reach top speeds of 265 kilometres per hour (166 miles per hour) – although that's not recommended on Spanish roads where the speed limit on motorways is 120 kilometres per hour (75 miles per hour).



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