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'World Turrón Day' plea to United Nations
Monday, November 8, 2021 @ 9:23 PM

THE BIRTHPLACE of one of Spain's most popular Christmas confectioneries is applying to the United Nations for global recognition – for November 7 to become 'World Turrón Day'.

Xixona (Jijona), in the province of Alicante, is where these thick slabs of almond and honey nougat are traditionally made, and turrón was already stacked high on prominent supermarket display units while Hallowe'en-themed goods were still on sale.

The two 'main' or 'standard' types of turrón are the blando, or 'soft', sometimes called turrón de Jijona, which has a peanut-butter-like consistency, and the duro, or 'hard', also known as turrón de Alicante, which is rock-hard with whole almonds in.

Anyone in Spain at the moment can expect to see them strategically-placed and in huge quantity in their local stores until approximately January 7, the day after the Christmas season 'officially' ends – and probably a handful of unsold turrón bars at reduced price thereafter.

Xixona wants to put its name and its chief industry on the map, and if the designation of 'World Turrón Day' is granted, will run numerous activities for visitors ranging from exhibitions to guided tours, make-your-own-turrón workshops, guided trips around the town's Turrón Museum, period-themed tours, and fêtes, fairs, markets and live entertainment in the streets.

All these are likely to be free of charge for participants.

Some are still ongoing in Xixona at present, even without having had confirmation from the UN of its 'World Day', and the sweet treat will also feature heavily at the forthcoming culinary fair in Valencia city, Mediterránea Gastrónoma.

As well as making a formal application to the UN, Xixona council has started a petition for November 7 to be declared 'World Turrón Day'.

A further schedule of activities and campaigning to the United Nations are planned for November 18.



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