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Spain halts AstraZeneca vaccine 'pending EMA verdict', but does not believe there is 'cause for alarm'
16 March 2021 @ 18:06

SPAIN has halted its roll-out of the AstraZeneca or 'Oxford' vaccine for at least 15 days pending further investigation after the country's first case of blood clots recorded in a person to whom it had been administered.

Health authorities in national government stress they do not believe there is cause for alarm, since only one case of thrombosis out of 939,534 people given the AstraZeneca vaccine has been registered, but has temporarily withdrawn it pending a European Medicines Agency (EMA) inquiry.

Denmark was the first country to stop administering the 'Oxford' vaccine, followed swiftly by Norway and, since then, by the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany France, and The Netherlands.

Some countries have opted just to shelve doses of the batch associated with thrombosis cases, including Luxembourg, Romania, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The UK, where the vaccine was developed, has not done so.

At first, although Spain had decided not to give the AstraZeneca jab to anyone of 55 years old or over due to 'insufficient data' and 'inconclusive results' about its safety and effectiveness above this age – purely because not enough volunteers in this category were able to participate in clinical trials, not because of any adverse reactions or reduced immunity detected in these – its health authority opted not to halt the roll-out.

Health minister Carolina Darias did not consider the risk to be worth stopping the crucial process of immunising the population as quickly as possible so life could return to normal – only 10 cases of blood clots in 17 million doses administered had been detected.

But when Spain reported case number 11 – albeit literally one in a million – Sra Darias decided to delay further inoculation with the AstraZeneca drug 'temporarily' until the EMA had analysed the situation.



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midasgold said:
17 March 2021 @ 08:35

Because of this stupid political decision more people will die.

Charlietwice said:
17 March 2021 @ 10:13

Best to be safe rather than sorry. The UK signed off the batch of vaccines early in order to get them first. To do this they had to waive responsibility (of the vaccine company) and the government agreed to take responsibility should anything go wrong. This is not the EU as many countries who have pulled the vaccine are not part of the EU including Norway, Iceland, Thailand and The Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s said there’s no cause for concern and is being checked by EMA. The UK are taking a risk, albeit a small one.

midasgold said:
17 March 2021 @ 10:50

CHARLIETWICE - best to be safe .....
Not so safe for the extra who die !

jamiemalone said:
17 March 2021 @ 13:20

If there is no cause for alarm, why are they suspending it??? Another stupid decision by a stupid government. Shame on you Sanchez AGAIN, you weak, weak man.

midasgold said:
17 March 2021 @ 15:05

Sanchez is only following EU instructions. EU has made a total
b@lls up of the covid ordering/jab operation.The Spanish press has yet to inform the people of the true size of the deaths due to its total crazy decisions.The shyte has yet to hit the fan.Sanchez is just a Macron/Eu patsy.So yes, a very weak man.

ironwheels said:
20 March 2021 @ 11:21

The EU have been an utter disgrace in all of this,more women get blood clots from using the pill. Its because its British,and they dont like the fact that we got it out quicker than they did due to their own incompetence.

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