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Spanish couple invent cordless mask that stays on using magnets
10 November 2020 @ 20:12

A MAINTENANCE man from northern Spain has patented an anti-virus mask which stays on the face using magnets, eliminating the need for elastic ear-loops, ties and head-bands.

Daniel Alaguero, 47, from Avilés, Asturias says: “The idea came to me after my first day back at work [after a month and a half on furlough] in a mask, which I wore for eight hours. That same day I designed a small, basic prototype with double-sided sticky-tape, and from there on, I embarked on a journey that has taken four months.”

He had tried out 'loads of different fixing systems' which 'did not work', until his wife suggested he tried with magnets and a flexible metallic 'bridge' over the nose.

“The mask works with any type of frame, and I don't think the use of magnets will pose a problem, as they don't stick directly to the skin,” Daniel says.

Whether they are held on by elastic or ties going round the back of the head or by loops over each ear, masks can become uncomfortable for this reason, leaving painful marks in the skin.

Also, the elastic stretches to the point where masks no longer stay in place, or in some cases, become detached – something that always seems to happen when the wearer is out of the house, in a public place, and does not have a spare one to hand.

Daniel's 'magnetic mask' is a design aimed at the reusable FFP2 types, since they are rigid enough to keep the cordless fastenings in place.

A variation on the theme is an elastic-less mask designed to adhere to spectacles, for those who wear these all or most of the time.

He is already negotiating with various companies to arrange for his creation to be manufactured, distributed and sold.

“There are people interested, but the problem is that they want to manufacture it only, not to sell it,” explains the boiler and heating engineer.



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Happynara said:
22 November 2020 @ 09:11

Well done him

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