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Drought uncovers submerged 'Stonehenge-like' megaliths
25 August 2019 @ 11:02

A PREHISTORIC burial site nobody remembered existed has suddenly emerged in the province of Cáceres after the drought caused a river to run dry.

Based in the Valdecañas reservoir in the village of Peraleda de la Mata in the far-western region of Extremadura, the Stonehenge-like structure was first discovered in 1925 by German priest and archaeologist Hugo Obermaier.

Now, 94 years on, they have resurfaced – but could well get covered up again with the first of the autumn rainfall.

The Valdecañas reservoir was built in 1963 and the stones became completely submerged, meaning the only adults who would remember them would be in their mid-70s now, so the majority of the population would never have seen them and, most likely, have been unaware of their existence until this summer...




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